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Villain Overview

I'll kill you if you dare to come here, Linlin.
~ Kaido threatening Charlotte Linlin.
The concerns of the Kurozumi Clan... and the Kozuki clan... means nothing to us!
~ Kaido after beheading Kurozumi Orochi.
What a shame... If you'd come with me, we could have conquered the world...
~ Kaido to the Worst Generation.
WORO RO RO RO RO! I can tell you're enjoying yourself... The more precautious the situation... the bigger your smile!! Isn't that right?
~ Kaido to Luffy before continuing their fight.

Kaido is the main antagonist of the Wano Country Arc, one of the main antagonists of the Yonko Saga and a major antagonist of the One Piece franchise. He’s the archenemy of the Kozuki Clan, Gekko Moriah, and Yamato.

He is the Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates, one of the Yonko in the New World, and was apart of the legendary Rocks Pirates as an apprentice forty years ago alongside members like Big Mom and Edward Newgate. 38 years ago, they disbanded after they were defeated by Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger. He is the one who wiped out Gekko Moriah's old crew. He also tried to attack Whitebeard when he tried to save Ace but was stopped by Shanks. He is also considered to be The Strongest Creature in the World and has an army of about twenty thousand members with over five hundred of them being artificial devil fruit users in his crew of the Beast Pirates and is greatly feared as he himself cannot die. He is also the abusive father of Yamato.

He and his crew recently formed an alliance with Big Mom and her crew to find the One Piece and take over the world. After that was completed, they would end their alliance and resume trying to kill each other again. In his New Onigashima Project, he ended his alliance with Kurozumi Orochi and betrayed him by beheading him. His bounty is currently 4,611,100,000 berries, the third highest in the series, beaten by Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate and Gol D. Roger, and the highest of any living pirate.

He is voiced by Tesshō Genda (who also voiced Kurama in Naruto, Kratos in God of War, M. Bison in Street Fighter, VIRM in Darling In The FranXX, Younger Toguro in Yu Yu Harusho, Bojack in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, Grunbeld Arcbeast in Berserk, Raoh, Mahari, Dog Master Galf and Dante in Fist of the North Star, Impostor Captain Tennille in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Cocktimus Prime in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Moguro Fukuzou in The Laughing Salesman, Surtr in Fire Emblem Heroes, Xord in Xenoblade Chronicles, Largo the Black Lion in Tales of the Abyss, and Pierrot in Smile Pretty Cure!) in Japanese and David Sobolov in English.


Kaido is a prideful individual and sees himself as a powerful pirate. Because of his superhuman strength and endurance, Kaido regularly attempts suicide as a hobby because of his near indestructible body. He also looks down on most other pirates like Luffy, Doflamingo, and the Supernovas. He considers them to be weak as they are nowhere near his level of power. In most of his appearances, Kaido have shown to have a homicidal temper and is willing to kill those that displeases him such as his business partner, Doflamingo, if he does not maintain the SMILE trade. His temper is not limited to his own crew mates and when he is upset he is willing to take his anger out on them. According to Law, Kaido is not willing to negotiate with his business partners if his business plans do not go well or if it does not benefit him.

Unlike other villains like Doflamingo and Big Mom who smiles and laughs regularly, Kaido maintains a serious demeanor and often frowns in many of his appearances. He is shown to be a serious, no-nonsense individual and is intolerable of anyone who opposes or threatens him and his plans when he is sober. Kaido is a heavy drinker and enjoys drinking alcohol and getting intoxicated. When drunk, Kaido can often time become emotional such as crying, laughing, or becoming more tempered. Kaido does not care about the damage he would inflict and the lives he endangers when he is intoxicated. Kaido has an addiction to drinking and when he is not in the mood to go after his enemies like Trafalgar Law he would prefer to get drunk instead. When forming an alliance with Big Mom, he happily reassure his crew that they will return to kill each other after they conquer the world.

Kaido is very cruel and sadistic even towards children as he demonstrated through mocking an 8 year old Momonosuke of his father Oden to be a foolish lord even when seeing him as the same age as twenty years ago. Kaido views Momonosuke to be weak. Kaido shown his cruelty to Luffy by mockingly asked of what king he said earlier and called him a brat after he defeated him. He is also abusive toward his own daughter, Yamato when she looked up to Oden, Kaido brutalized her and cuffed with explosive handcuffs. If she ever leaves Onigashima, they are set to explode her hands which shows that he was willing to kill his own daughter. When he got injured by the Red Scabbards, Kaido sadistically mocked them that pirates will betray them and they are fools in trusting them.

Kaido prides himself in having a powerful team and is open to allowing supernovas like X Drake, Basil Hawkins, and Scrathmen Apoo to join his crew. Kaido also seeks to empower his crew with a powerful army and was enraged when he heard that Luffy defeated Doflamingo (the man who could provide him SMILE devil fruits). When Kaido is faced with strong opponents like Luffy or Eustass Kid, he is willing to allow them to join his crew despite the problems they have caused him or their defiance. At the same time, he express his distaste for people like Luffy and Kid who posses Conquerors Haki because he sees that there are too many of them and does not want more Conqueror Haki users to join his crew. For defiant people like Luffy and Kid, Kaido is willing to put them through prison labor and torture to break their wills so that they can submit to him.

According to Basil Hawkins, Kaido is not the type of man who would kill powerful individuals as he spared them to join him and his crew to forget the troubles they've caused and he will forgives them. Kaido is shown to be fearless of powerful enemies like Big Mom by commanding his subordinates to release Big Mom as he chose not to kill her when she is chained up and not at her full strength. Instead, he chose to battle her to the death when she entered Wano until for an unknown reason, they formed an alliance with the intent to conquer the entire world before they resumed to kill each other.

While fighting his powerful enemies, Kaido is very violent and does not like it when anyone interrupts his fights and is willing to kill those who interfere as punishment such as Kurozumi Higurashi and a CP0 Agent (seemly). He coldly apologized to Oden for her interference expressing a level of disappointment in not having a genuine fight before killing the latter. After decapitated Orochi, Kaido offered Orochi's troops to join him or die. He shown pleased after they've joined his crew when they are not actually loyal to Orochi from the start. After Luffy injures him, Kaido seems to show some respects for Luffy when he is putting up a decent fight. Despite of his prideful and selfishness, Kaido is shown to be pitiful and disappointment when believing if Luffy, Law and Kid would join his crew, they would conquer the entire world together. Similar to Oden, Kaido apologized to Luffy for the CP-0 agent's interference when he admitted he was a fool and calling the Cipher Pol agent as an idiot as well he didn't want to win by those who using an unwanted support or underhanded tactics that interfere his fight as both Higurashi and the CP0 Agent.

Kaido also has intolerance for others weaknesses when he has no use for his allies and disposes of them when he was done using them. He is quick to betray his own allies when he got what he needed from them as seen when he beheading Orochi when announcing the "New Onigashima Project".



  • Yamato: Yamato is Kaido's estranged daughter. They have a strained relationship. According to Yamato, when she told Kaido that she looks up Kozuki Oden, he attacked and abused her since she was 8 years old. Kaido also placed an explosive handcuffs on his daughter's hands that would explode if she leaves Onigashima. In turn, Yamato now holds a strong particular hatred towards Kaido. When Kaido speaks about his daughter to the Flying Six, he openly refers to her as an idiot. Kaido also refers to her as his "son" in front of others indicating that he is respectful to Yamato's preference to be considered as a man since she emulates Oden.

Yamato is shown to be against Kaido by looking up to Oden, one of Kaido's biggest enemies, keeping Oden's journal a secret from her father, and allied herself with Luffy, another enemy of Kaido. She is shown to be interested in opening Wano's borders and is interested in fighting alongside Luffy against her father. Kaido also admits that part of his major announcement to the Beasts Pirates later during the Fire Festival involves his daughter and that he needs her to be present by the time of the announcement. Kaido wants his daughter to meet Big Mom. He assigned the Flying Six to find his daughter.

After beheading Orochi, Kaido insisted on making Yamato the new shogun of Wano which she was heavily against. After Luffy removed her explosive bands, Yamato disowned Kaido as her father and called him a "bull-gorilla" after witnessing her bands did explode, showing he was willing to kill her. Her new hatred towards her father was so strong that she stated she doesn't care if Kaido dies. In their confrontation, Kaido showed no hesitation in trying to kill Yamato after his daughter declared that she is going to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Beasts Pirates


  • Jack: As one of Kaido's right-hand men, Kaido trusts Jack with important missions such as sending him to go after Raizo on Zou. However when his men reported to him that the mission failed and that Jack was defeated, Kaido did not express any concern for Jack. Jack, however, respects his leader and at the same time acknowledges how powerful he is. When he appears in Flower Capital, he orders Jack to bring Luffy and Law to him. Jack fears Kaido for his powers and unpredictability.
  • Queen: Kaido trusts him towards advancing the Beasts Pirates's goals. Kaido places Queen in charge of break the wills of powerful individuals to recruit them within the Beast Pirates. They appear on good terms, as Queen was able to casually address him by his name in the manga, but in the anime addressing as Kaido-san. As his loyalty to Kaido, he will stop and detain Big Mom to escort her to Onigashima where Kaido resides. Queen will not let anyone get to Kaido when Luffy and Zoro attempted to get to the roof.
  • King: Kaido trusts King as one of his right-hand men. Kaido was relieved when he heard that King took down Big Mom's ship. King's sign of loyalty to Kaido is that he refuses to take up Big Mom's invitation to join her crew. King lend his katana Kaido in order to behead Orochi for objecting the New Onigashima Project. King also will not let Momonosuke live when he was freed by Sanji. Years ago, Kaido and King were test subjects of the World Government until they've escaped to form the Beast Pirates.


  • Tobiroppo: Kaido trusts the Tobiroppo for their resourcefulness and powers. He entrusts them to search for his daughter, Yamato. If one of them found his daughter, Kaido will grant them the right to challenge the All-Stars to replace them. He was shown to be welcoming of the Tobiroppo during their meeting. He was also shown to not be hostile towards Ulti when she casually shows disrespect towards him.
  • Basil Hawkins: When Kaido destroyed Eustass Kid's base and disrupted their plans, Hawkins was terrified of Kaido. However, Hawkins joined the Beasts Pirates and was given a high position under his crew. As an unwilling member of the Beasts Pirates, Hawkins works diligently to fight enemies of the Beast Pirates such as going after Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro and Trafalgar Law. However, when talking to Law, Hawkins admits that he joined the Beasts Pirates as a way of survival claiming that had he went against Kaido, he would only have 0% chance of survival. Hawkins only agreed to work under Kaido as a means to surviving.
  • Speed: Speed was a loyal member of the Beasts Pirates but when she served Tama and tried to get her back to the village, Kaido brutally attacked her and Tama.


  • Scratchmen Apoo: After Kaido appeared and destroyed Eustass Kid's base, Apoo was frightened at Kaido's appearance. Apoo also respectfully refers to Kaido as Lord Kaido. According to Hawkins, Apoo have been working with Kaido before entering into the Kid and Hawkins alliance. When talking to Kaido in Wano, Apoo shows respect for his leader and Kaido is not rude to Apoo during their conversation.
  • Lower-tier minions: Kaido has little to no respect for the minions that work under him. At times he would lash out at them and attack them such as having two members place bounties of Luffy and Law on their faces and striking them with his mace. At times, Kaido would lose his patience with his minions if they are taking care of a major threat such as Big Mom trying to infiltrate Wano Country and insult them.

Beasts Pirates Affiliates

  • Donquixote Doflamingo: Doflamingo was an ally to the Beasts Pirates and made a business deal with Kaido to give him SMILE devil fruits in exchange for weapons. Kaido needed Doflamingo so that one day Kaido can amass an army of 500 powerful SMILE devil fruit users to go to war. When Kaido heard the news that Doflamingo was defeated by Luffy, Kaido cried and said it was because Doflamingo was too weak. Eventually, Kaido wanted revenge against Luffy and Law for messing with his business deal. Doflamingo, on the other hand, was careful to not mess up his deals with Kaido out of fear that Kaido can kill him. Doflamingo like many others acknowledges how powerful Kaido is.
  • Caesar Clown: In their deal, Caesar works with Doflamingo to help provide artificial devil fruits and gas chemical weapon Koro to Kaido's crew. Caesar was necessary towards empowering the Beasts Pirates.

Straw Hats Pirates and Heart Pirates

  • Straw Hat Pirates: After the destruction of the SMILE factory in Dressrosa, the Straw Hat Pirates got the attention of Kaido and incurred his wrath. Kaido wants vengeance against the Straw Hats for the role they play in defeating Doflamingo and ruining his business deal with him. When he heard that the Straw Hats were hiding at the ruins of Oden's castle, Kaido immediately attacked it destroying the building in the process. However, unbeknownst to him, the Straw Hats survived his attack and have been gathering allies to overthrow him.
  • Monkey D. Luffy: After learning that Luffy defeated Doflamingo (his business partner), Kaido wanted revenge. In his conversation with Big Mom, where Big Mom told him she wanted to kill Luffy, Kaido told her that Luffy was his responsibility. When Luffy encountered Kaido in Wano Country, he wanted to defeat Kaido immediately since he attacked his friends and allies. Luffy was confident in his strength against Kaido and was not afraid of him. Kaido, however, considered Luffy to be weak after he knocked him out with one blow. Kaido mocks Luffy about his dream of being the Pirate king and called him a brat. When he sees either Luffy's indomitable spirit or bravado, as Luffy is glaring at him even while unconscious. However, Kaido was impressed by Luffy's ability to use Conquerors Haki and instead of killing him, he spared him. Kaido decides he wants to break his spirit and make him into a loyal subordinate by sending him to be worked and tortured at Udon Prison. Luffy, on the other hand, despises Kaido for attacking his crew mates and allies and wants to defeat him. In the war on Onigashima hearing Luffy announced an all-out war, Kaido accepted his challenge. Luffy is willing to get to Kaido by avoiding Big Mom first. Luffy and Zoro were attempted to get to the roof to face only to be stopped by Queen. After Luffy finally reach the rooftop, Kaido mockedly asked what he said earlier only for Luffy to punched Kaido with his newly Ryou Haki thus injuring Kaido. When injured by Luffy, Kaido used "Raimei Hakke" the second time but Luffy was able to withstand it though he saw through the future but Kaido's speed is too quick. Luffy furiously asked why is he drinking during their fight, he told him because it is the fire festival as well Kaido offered Luffy alcohol. Kaido shown to be upset when he defeated Luffy due to the CP-0 agent's interference. When seeing Luffy is still alive and awakened his devil fruit (revealed it is known as Hito Hito no Mi Model: Nika an mythical zoan the World Government always failed to acquired this devil fruit 800 years), Kaido shown to be glad when he continues to fight with Luffy. Like to Oden, Kaido apologized to Luffy for the CP-0 agent's interference and admitted he was a fool. Luffy accepted his apology and finish off in their fight. He respected Luffy's strength to be ridiculous when it was thought to be a "Paramecia", but it is considered to be a Zoan type. When Luffy used Gear 5th again, Kaido tells him to be careful or he'll die.
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law: When Kaido learned of Law's role in taking down Doflamingo, he wanted revenge. Unlike Luffy, Law is cautious of Kaido because of his strength. After defeating Luffy, Kaido decided not to go after Law immediately and wanted to drink instead.


  • Charlotte Linlin: Kaido and Big Mom used to be in the same pirate crew called the Rocks Pirates. Recently, they were not allies and they prefer to keep to themselves. They both have den-den mushis so that they can maintain contact with one another. Despite their past allegiance, Kaido have little respect for Big Mom and often refers to her as an "old hag". When Big Mom wanted to go to Wano Country to kill Luffy for causing her problems, Kaido refused to obliged and threatened to kill her if she arrives in Wano. When Big Mom and some of her children and pirate crew were about to enter Wano, Kaido was angry and outraged and wanted his men to sink her ship to prevent her from entering his country before they would get into an all-out war. When he got news that Big Mom failed to enter the country, he felt relief. After Queen escorts Big Mom to Onigashima, Kaido orders his men to remove the shackles off Big Mom, Kaido was fearless of her strength and power. He reminded her that he is going to kill her since she trespassed in his territory and prepared to fight her. While fighting her, Kaido and Big Mom for unknown reasons came to forming an alliance and are seen happily together. They agreed that they can always kill each other after they have conquered the world. Kaido and Big Mom planned a "New Onigashima Project" of seeking out Ancient Weapons and One Piece to wage war against the World Government.
  • Shanks: Kaido and Shanks clashed off-screen when Kaido wanted to encounter Whitebeard before the Marineford War. Not much is known between both emperor's relationship, but Shanks managed to get to Marineford with no injuries.
  • Edward Newgate: 40 years ago, Kaido and Whitebeard were once on the same crew known as the Rocks Pirates. Before the Marineford War, Kaido attempts to attack Whitebeard but was stopped by Shanks. After he crash-landed to Earth from jumping off a sky-island, Kaido mentioned Whitebeard as a powerful individual but was mad that Whitebeard was able to die but he cannot.

Wano Country

Kozuki Family and Their Affiliates

  • Kozuki Family: Kaido is a sworn enemy of the Kozuki family and participated in Orochi's plot to take down the family. Kozuki family, views Kaido as a major threat for his allegiance to Orochi and his actions.
  • Kozuki Oden: Kaido wanted to know the secrets of Laugh Tale from Oden, but the latter refused to tell him about it. Kaido, who was allied with Orochi, participated in an attack against Oden and is responsible for his death. During Oden's execution, Kaido gives Oden one hour to be boiled. However, to Kaido and Orochi's surprise, Oden survived. Intent on killing Oden, Kaido decided to execute him with a gun. Before he execute Oden, Kaido apologized to the Daimyo for Higurashi's interference in their battle. When Oden was speaking, Kaido kills him mid-sentence. After Oden's death, Kaido spoke of ill of Oden towards his son, Momonosuke by calling Oden an idiot lord. Years later, the scar Oden inflicted hurt him when the retainers attacked him to reopen his wound.
  • Kozuki Momonosuke: Momonosuke is terrified of Kaido and is in fear of him when he saw him in his dragon form. Kaido once held Momonosuke in his hand and mocked him about how his father was foolish. Momonosuke disagreed and states to Kaido that he will take over the country one day. Instead of killing Momonosuke in that instance, Kaido throws him into the burning castle thinking he would have died. Momonosuke wants to defeat Kaido, the Beasts Pirates, and Orochi for what they have done. When Kaido learned that Momonosuke was around, he wanted to capture him. When seeing Momonosuke look the same as 20 years ago, Kaido shown disapproval and viewed him as weak. After killing Orochi, Kaido mocked Momonosuke that Wano country will be no more and to become a lawless paradise for pirates. He asked Momonosuke the same question he asked 20 years ago of what is his name. Kaido was willing to spare his life if he lied by stating he is not Oden's son. But when Momonosuke confirmed that he is Oden's son, Kaido attempted to execute him until foiled it when Luffy caused an explosion by removing the explosive armbands he place on Yamato and the Red Scabbards and Izo's arrivals.
  • Kozuki Retainers and Affiliates: The Kozuki affiliates are enemies of Kaido and in the past stood up against him and the Beasts Pirates. In the present, the affiliates of the Kozuki family wants to defeat Kaido and dethrone his ally, Kurozumi Orochi. Kaido, however, wanted to capture them when he learned that they returned to the island. When the war begins, they attacked Kaido and impaled him into the scar wound that Oden slashed to reopen his injury. He remarked on how Orochi was correct to be paranoid, since the Scabbards were right in front of him. After learning Luffy allied with the Red Scabbards, Kaido mocked them believing pirates will betray them only for Kin'emon tells the latter Luffy is different from other pirates. Kaido shown is shown excited when feeling pain and decided to fight the Red Scabbards with all of his might by taking them to the rooftop of Onigashima.

Current Government of Wano Country

  • Current Government of Wano Country: The government of Wano Country are allied with Kaido and the Beasts Pirates and they do not mind using Kaido's men to maintain their rule and power in Wano. In the "New Onigashima Project", he gives the samurai choice to join him or die after he killed Orochi when he revealed the Kurozumi Family means nothing to him. Kaido is interested in getting Orochi's men to join his force and will not tolerate anyone who is against him. Kaido is pleased when they've joined his crew after they revealed they were never loyal to Orochi and swore to pledge their loyalties to Kaido. Unbeknownst to him, Fukurokuju betrayed Kaido and remained in Orochi's side.
  • Kurozumi Orochi: Orochi was an ally to Kaido for 25 years. In the past, they joined forces to go after and kill Kozuki Oden and destroy the Kozuki Family. Orochi throws a Fire Festival for Kaido each year in honor of defeating the Kozuki Family 20 years ago. As an ally to Orochi, Kaido allows Orochi to use his force to assist him in ruling Wano. When Kaido saw the broadcast of Yasuie's death by Orochi and his men, Kaido calmly remarks about Orochi's cruel nature by allowing the civilians to laugh when the man died knowing that they cannot properly express their sentiments (since they consumed the SMILE fruit). For many years, Kaido was shown to get along with Orochi as the two would be able to hold conversations. However, during the Fire Festival Kaido was interested in pursuing his own goals without Orochi and did not hesitate to behead him as the latter spoke out against his plans to take over the Flower Capital. Kaido admittedly revealed that Orochi was a pawn to him and his plans after he outlived his usefulness. Kaido claimed no one believes Orochi and his delusions until he was confronted by Oden's retainers and remarked that he was correct after all. Following Kaido betrayal towards him, Orochi attempted to get his revenge on Kaido by burning down Onigashima.
  • Kurozumi Higurashi: In the past, Higurashi was once an ally to Kaido. However, due to her interference in his fight with Oden, Kaido killed her as a punishment.

Civilians and Prisoners

  • Civilians: Kaido does not care about the impoverished and oppressed position that most civilians in Wano Country has to go through. Because of the pollution that comes from Kaido's factory, most food and water are not eatable or drinkable. When Kaido goes on a drunken rampage, the civilians are in fear of him. Some civilians secretly believe in the Kozuki family and that one day they may return to take down both Kaido and Orochi. Other civilians, however, are brainwashed by Orochi's propaganda to believe that Kaido is a great person for helping Orochi maintain Wano's isolation from the rest of the world. In his New Onigashima Project, Kaido attempted to make Wano as a lawless island for pirates and will enslave Wano's civilians.
  • Ashura Doji/Shutenmaru: Ashura was once allied with Kozuki Oden and his retainers against Kaido. When Kaido encounters Ashura, he tells him that he was willing to forgive him for what happened in the past and invites him to join his crew. Ashura rejects his offer and attempts to run away from Kaido.
  • Prisoners: Kaido have prisoners work at Udon prison to help him make weapons. While in the prisons, the prisoners are regularly mistreated, battered, and tortured. Kaido looks at his prison as a way to break the wills of strong people like Luffy and Kid who are defiant to him.

Rock Pirates

  • Rocks D. Xebec: Kaido was the apprentice of his late captain, Rocks. The nature of his loyalty toward his captain and old crew is currently not known.

Other Pirates

  • Gekko Moriah: Moriah and Kaido once fought in the past. Kaido ended up killing Moriah's crew. As a result, Moriah harbors an intense hatred for Kaido.
  • Eustass Kid: When Kaido destroyed a major portion of his base, Kid glared at him. Off-screen, Kaido easily defeated Kid and kept him imprisoned. Kaido acknowledge Kid's strength and want him to join his crew by sending him to Udon prison in hopes of breaking his spirit so that he can join him. However, Kid wants revenge against Kaido for destroying his base and ruining his plans. In prison, Kid often gets into arguments with Luffy about wanting to defeat Kaido to become famous.
  • Worst Generation: Kaido is disapproved of the Worst Generation. He considered them all as pathetic and weak such as Luffy and Kid.
  • Gol D. Roger: Kaido fought Roger and Garp 40 years ago during his time with the Rocks Pirates. However, he and his fellow crew mates were defeated after Rocks' death. Kaido and Big Mom are attempting to get Raftel to obtain Roger's national treasure, One Piece.

World Government and the Affiliations

  • World Government: As a Yonko, Kaido is one of the greatest threats to the World Government's operations. 40 years ago, Kaido and his former crew mates of the Rocks Pirates killed many World Nobles and their slaves in God's Valley. The government feared the worst when Kaido and Big Mom formed an alliance to conquer the entire world as Rocks once attempted. After the Shichibukai's dismissal, he announced to his crew of his plans to seek out Ancient Weapons and One Piece to wage war against the World Government. When a CP0 agent interfered his fight with Luffy, Kaido easily defeated him by smashing the agent with his mace for his interference. When apologizing to Luffy, Kaido called the CP0 agent who interfered his fight an idiot.
  • Marines: As a pirate, Kaido is the enemy of the Marines. The Marines are terrified of him of not only his strength and might, but his reputation over 40 years during his time with the Rocks Pirates. Kaido was captured by the Marines and his rivals 19 times. They attempted to sentenced him 40 times but failed and Kaido sank nine Marines' ships from the Buster Call.
  • Monkey D. Garp: Kaido known Garp 40 years ago during his time in the Rocks Pirates. While murdering the Celestial Dragons and their slaves, Rocks and his crew were defeated by the alliance of Garp and Roger. When hearing about the possibility of Kaido and Big Mom forming an alliance, Garp expresses little to no concern about their allegiance.

Powers and Abilities

As a Yonko, Kaido is an extremely powerful individual. He is stated to be so strong that Doflamingo, an incredibly strong fearless pirate with a powerful crew became terrified at the thought of having to face him. His intimidating and treacherous reputation seemed to make Doflamingo ponder on fighting the marine admirals when Law suggested quitting being a Shichibukai or staying to deal with the angry Yonko. He is even strong enough to fight Shanks (another powerful Yonko) when the latter intercepted him from attacking Whitebeard.

He has many powerful subordinates such as Jack and after hiring Donquixote Doflamingo and Caesar Clown he was able to make a large army of Artificial Devil Fruit users called "Gifters". But now that Doflamingo has been defeated, he lost his means of expanding his powerful army. Leaving Kaido with no choice but expand his crew by breaking wills from powerful individuals by sending them to Udon to torturing them until they submit.

His bounty of 4,611,100,000 berries has made Kaido an extremely dangerous threat to the World Government's operations.

Physical Prowess

Kaido is considered to be the strongest "creature" in the world. He is said to have survived countless situations where he would have been killed or executed. He has survived many types of torture and even execution. His body is strong enough to even shatter spears that would stab him. He attempted to commit suicide dozens of times but would always survive every time even to the point of it being a hobby. He is stated to be a being that is near immortal and simply cannot be killed. For instance, he fell from Ballon Terminal (a sky island about ten thousand meters above the ground) to the island where Eustass Kid's alliance was at and survived it with no scratches but just a headache. Kaido's immense durability allowed him to take attacks from Luffy's gear third and gear fourth forms without receiving any injuries and felt nothing but annoyance to him. Despite of his size, Kaido possessed immense speed even when he is too fast for advanced Kenbunshoku Haki. Only Ryou (an advanced version of Busoshoku Haki) can hurt Kaido when he got impaled by the Red Scabbards to reopen his scar wound from Oden and later Luffy punched him (after Luffy had mastered advanced Busoshoku Haki during his training at the Udon Prisoner Mine).

He appears to have immense strength as he defeated Eustass Kid, a notorious pirate with a bounty of four-hundred and seventy-million berries and emerge without a scratch even taunting him for his loss. He easily defeated Luffy, a pirate with a bounty of 1.5 billion who used both third and gear fourth to attack but Kaido knocked him with a single strike from his spiked mace, showing a glimpse of his abilities. Kaido also easily defeated a CP0 agent who interfered his fight with Luffy by smashing him with his mace.

Due to his initial fight to the death with Big Mom on Onigashima, Kaido fought equally to his fellow Yonko.

Kaido has a powerful will as he is unaffected by Haoshoku Haki.

Devil Fruit Abilities

Kaido in his dragon form.

Kaido has eaten the Uo Uo no Mi, a mythical Zoan devil fruit that allows him to transform from his humanoid form into a large blue eastern dragon. In his dragon form, Kaido can fly and have clouds appear around him. While in his dragon form, Kaido can travel fast enough to allow the wind to move people and objects off the ground. He also have the ability to shoot pressurized air from his mouth that is strong enough to destroy the entire ruins of a castle. Kaido also have the ability to shoot a beam of energy at his target.

He can also transform into a dragon hybrid form which greatly increases his attack and defense, retaining the ability to shoot an energy beam from his mouth.


Kaido's main weapon is a giant Kanabo mace, Hassaikai. His "Raimei Hakke" can break though his enemies' defensive abilities including Luffy's Gear Fourth Haki and a CP0 Agent's Tekkai. With his mace, he can instantly defeat his enemies without efforts. However, it doesn't seem to defeat those endured his attacks due to their mastery of Ryou such as Luffy in their second fight.

Kaido also wield a gun which he executed Kozuki Oden.

Kaido used King's katana to behead Kurozumi Orochi.


Haoshoku Haki

Kaido has Haoshoku Haki, which is the rarest form of Haki for those who holds the qualities of a "King". More than most, he has mastered it to the fullest, being able to perform feats beyond knocking out weaker-willed opponents. Kaido can infuse it into his body and Hassaikai, granting either an immense boost, generating streams of dark lightning. This is an advanced technique, which a handful of the "truly" strongest can use.

In addition to Busoshoku Haki and his tremendous strength, Kaido is capable knocking out some of the strongest pirates among the Worst Generation such as Luffy, Zoro, and Law.

Busoshoku Haki

Kaido is an immensely powerful master of Busoshoku Haki, which allows him to strengthen his Hassaikai's offense and defense, letting him harm devil fruit users. In the battle on Onigashima, his hardened Hassaikai was powerful enough to damage Luffy, who hardened his arms similar akin to Katakuri. Kaido can use advanced Busoshoku Haki, letting him emit it from a distance, and thus from his Hassaikai, letting him strike opponents from a distance with devastating power without making direct contact; this is strengthen to a greater extent through infusing Haoshou Haki in his hardened wepaon.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Kaido possesses Kenbunshoku Haki, which he first demonstrated when he sensed the "voices" of the supernovas in the wake of his and Big Mom's combined attack which enabled him to tell they were still alive. In the rare event that he faces an attack that will harm him, Kaido can also use this Haki to help him dodge.



Kaido, at one point, was an apprentice and a member of the Rocks Pirates under the leadership of Rocks D. Xebec. Kaido was a member alongside, Whitebeard, Charlotte Linlin, Shiki the Golden Lion, Captain John, and a few others. Kaido along with his crew gained an infamous reputation for stirring up chaos in the New World. Kaido and his pirate team once attacked a place in the New World called God Valley where the Celestial Dragons were present with their slaves. His team was stopped by the partnership of Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger. After that incident, the island where the battle took place disappeared and was no longer recorded on any maps. At some point in time, Big Mom did Kaido a favor and Kaido owes her a debt in return the likes of which is a lifelong debt. Kaido was captured and used as a test subject by the World Government until he escaped and recruited a Lunarian named Alber who named him as King.

20 years ago, Kaido and the Beasts Pirates caught onto Kurozumi Orochi's plot to take over Wano Country. Kaido entered into an alliance with Orochi to take down Kozuki Oden, the Kozuki family and their allies. With the Beasts Pirates, Kaido pillaged Oden's castle and murdered many members of the Kozuki Family. Momonosuke, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, and Kiku managed to escape from Kaido with Kozuki Toki's time-time devil fruit. Kaido resided in Wano Country on an island called Onigashima where he has political power over the entire country. Over time, Kaido sets up multiple factories on Wano Country to manufacture weapons and tools. As a result of this practice, most of the food in the Wano Country is uneatable and the water is undrinkable. However, Kaido's and Orochi's food and water supply are clean. Kaido also allows his men to have authority over some parts the country.

Kaido met Doflamingo and Caesar and became affiliated with them. In their business deal, Doflamingo would help produce artificial devil fruits to enhance Kaido's army with the help of Caesar. Kaido and Orochi also obtained the smile devil fruit that ended up effecting many citizens in the country by only allowing them to smile and laugh. At some point, Kaido slaughtered Gekko Moriah's comrades when the latter traveled to the New World.

Ten years before the events of Wano Country, Wano citizens who were supporters to Kuzuki Oden decided that they could not wait any longer for Kin'emon's return. Many men sailed from Wano to Onigashima Island in an attempt to kill Kaido, defeat the Beasts Pirates, and save the country from Orochi's rule. However, Kaido and his forces were able to kill all of Oden's supporters and continue his reign over the country.

Summit War Saga

Before the Marineford War, Kaido attempted to attack Whitebeard but Shanks intervened and they fought. Its unknown what happened in the battle but Shanks arrived in Marineford unharmed.

Time Skip

Kaido learned that Momonosuke, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, and Kiku were in the Wano Country. Kin'emon and his allies with the exception of Kiku left Wano. When the Kozuki retainers made it passed Zou and onto Dressrosa, Kaido ordered Doflamingo to capture them. However, Momonosuke ended up getting captured by Caesar's men in the process. At the same time, Kaido was also interested in capturing Raizo who ended up going to Zou. Jack tried to track Raizo.

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

Luffy and Law decides to create an alliance so that they can take down one of the Yonko, Kaido. With the SAD factory on Punk-Hazard destroyed, the Straw Hats and Law wants to destroy Kaido's SMILE factory in Dressrosa so that it can lower Kaido's army power.

After learning about Doflamingo's defeat and the destruction of the SMILE factory by the Straw Hat and Heart pirates alliance, his men tried to inform him about the news. Kaido, however, appeared on the Sky Island called Balloon Terminal. He attempted to commit suicide by free falling at a height of 10,000 meters to hit the ground below. He landed at the base of Eustass Kid and survived the fall complaining about a headache. He came out the hole and began speaking about Joker and his desire to make him prepare for a massive war.

Yonko Saga

Zou Arc

Kaido appeared on an island with his subordinates. He was drinking sake after hearing about Doflamingo's defeat at the hands of Luffy and Law. He was sad at first that he would not be able to achieve his goals of getting a devil fruit only crew. His depressive mood turn to wrath when he saw the wanted posters of Luffy and Law and attacked his crew mates with a giant mace out of spite. Kaido said that their decision to take down Doflamingo have now caught his attention and that he will be going after them. He began insulting Kid who happened to have been defeated in their confrontation before. Kaido stated that the Supernova are simply playing a pirates game.

Reverie Arc

Kaido reads the newspaper of Luffy's actions in Big Mom's territory and wondered why he was in her territory. A couple days later, Big Mom called Kaido wanted to form an alliance with him but he refused. Big Mom told Kaido to not kill Luffy when he makes it to Wano Country as she wants to kill him to save her reputation. Big Mom also reminds Kaido of his debt to her but the latter said it was a long time ago. Kaido refused and threatened to kill her if she comes to Wano Country. Big Mom insists on working together like they used to do in the past.

Wano Country Arc

Kaido, in his dragon form, appeared in the sky above Okobore Town in the Wano Country. He command Jack to capture Monkey D. Luffy. As Kaido levitates over Okobore Town, civilians start to run for their lives as Kaido flies over the town. Kaido recognized Shutenmaru in the crowd of people and told him that he forgets the past and that he can join his crew. Shutenmaru refuses the offer and runs away. Jack realized that Kaido is drunk. Basil Hawkins appear and informed Kaido that Luffy and Law are both hiding in the ruins of Oden's castle. Kaido flew to Oden's castle and destroyed it with his heat breath attack. Angry that Kaido attacked his crew mates, Luffy punched him in the head with his elephant gun attack.

Kaido was sent crashing to the ground. Luffy introduces himself to Kaido. After which, Kaido attacks him with his heat breath attack but the latter dodges him and attacks him with elephant gun. Kaido fell down from the attack and reverts to his humanoid form. Luffy changes to his Gear Fourth form and continues to pummel him with his punches. Kaido gets up without sustaining any injuries and strikes Luffy with his giant mace knocking him out of his Gear Fourth Form and knocking him unconscious. After knocking him out, Kaido orders his men to send Luffy to his prison so that he can break the young pirate's spirit and have him work for him. Kaido notices Luffy glaring at him despite being unconscious. Kaido transforms back into his dragon form and says that he will go after Trafalgar Law later after he gets drinks to get drunk.

Kaido hears news from his minions that Big Mom and her pirate crew are trying to enter Wano Country. Enraged, Kaido demands that his minions sink Big Mom's ship so that she does not enter the country before they would have an all-out war. He states that if she arrives in Wano it would cause a war. Kaido later gets news that one of his three calamities, King, managed to stop the Big Mom Pirates from entering the country much to Kaido's relief.

Kaido calls Queen via den-den mushi to inform him that Komurasaki is dead and that he is serious despite being intoxicated. Kaido smiles and watches the execution of Yasuie remarking on Orochi's cruelty.

Kaido appears and orders his men to remove the seastone chains from Big Mom (who was taken taken to Onigashima by after she appeared in Udon Prison). Kaido tells Big Mom that he will kill her for entering Wano. Big Mom says that she have not journeyed to Wano to be killed and proceeds to use her bicorne, Napolean, as sword. Kaido uses his spiked mace to clash with Big Mom's sword, as they prepare to fight to the death. Kaido and Big Mom continue to fight all throughout the night into the next day. At some point in their battle, Kaido and Big Mom ended their battle and decide to form an alliance for unknown reasons. Kaido then got news from Apoo that he and the numbers have arrived in Wano and that they will be attending the banquet. Kaido drinks his alcohol and Big Mom eats her o-shirukos. Queen wonders why they are so happy around each other and the two reveal that they are allies and they intend to conquer the world, stating that the two of them can go back to killing each other afterwards.

The evening of the Fire Festival, Kaido is shown to be drunk. He calls out to his subordinates to find his son, Yamato. He wants the Flying Six to meet Big Mom. His subordinates tells him that Big Mom is changing into a kimono at the moment and that they will try to locate his son. Kaido meets with the Flying Six, Jack, and King. When King revealed that he was the one who summoned the Flying Six, Kaido tells them that he wanted them to meet Big Mom but says that she is still changing into her kimono. He then called out one of his assistants, Bao Huang, to read off his schedule for the evening. Kaido orders the Flying Six to locate his son, Yamato, during the Fire Festival. He tells them that if they find his son then they will have a chance of fighting All-Stars so that they can have an opportunity to become an All-Star. King and Jack, both agrees to his terms.

Kaido is seen celebrating the Fire Festival. Black Maria stays close by his side instead of trying to find Yamato. Orochi and Kaido both talk about the downfall of the Kozuki Family, how Oden kept the secret from the Nine Red Scabbards, and the Orochi's spy, Kurozumi Kanjuro. Kanjuro appears in the room where Orochi and Kaido were at and Kaido yells at his men to not harm Kanjuro. Kanjuro shows Kaido, Orochi, and Black Maria the battered Momonosuke. Kaido noticed that Momonosuke looks the same as he was twenty years earlier. Kanjuro tells Kaido and Orochi that his mission to stop the Nine Red Scabbards have failed and that they are soon to arrive in Onigashima.

Kaido later leaves his room and wonders where Big Mom is. He chastises Bao Huang for not telling him sooner about Big Mom's location since she is arriving to the area where Orochi is planning Momonosuke's execution. Kaido appears alongside Jack, Queen, and King and interrupts Orochi's speech to the Beasts Pirates about Momonosuke. Kaido announces to his crew that he have a plan called the "New Onigashima Project". On a den-den mushi broadcast, Kaido announces to the Beasts Pirates that he will be going after the Ancient Weapons and will have the Beasts Pirates team up with the Big Mom Pirates to find the One Piece. Kaido then announce that he will be moving Onigashima to the Flower Capital and that he will force Wano's citizens into slavery to help empower the country as a lawless pirate empire. He states that he will use the power that he have to wage a war on the world. Orochi was against Kaido taking the Flower Capital and Kaido responds by decapitating him with King's sword to Orochi's men's horror. Kaido states that Orochi's men have the choice to join him or face becoming slaves or getting killed by the Beasts Pirates. Kaido then states that he will make Yamato the shogun of Wano and will start the plan tonight.

Kaido proceeds to ask Orochi's men if they will join him or die. He states that if they do not join him, he will show some respect for going against him. Orochi's men decides to join Kaido's side immediately. Kaido asks Momonosuke for his name. He tells Momonosuke that if he says that he is a different person, then he will cancel the execution and release him. After some moments, Momonosuke boldly told Kaido that he is who he is and that he desires to become the shogun of Wano. Kaido was frustrated by Momonosuke's response and proceeds to get to the execution until an explosion caught his attention. As Kaido looks down the stage to see what is going on, the Nine Red Scabbards appear behind him and the All-Stars. Some of the Scabbards take on one of the All-Stars as Nekomamushi disarms Kaido. Kaido is surprised to see Kyoshiro charging at him with Kinemon, still unaware that Kyoshiro is Denjiro. Kaido is surprised for a moment and sees an image of Oden as he was charging at him in the past. The group proceeds to attack Kaido and fall off the stage.

As Kaido falls off the stage, the scabbards proceed to wound him by stabbing him. Kaido briefly reminisces about Oden and his execution during the Legendary Hour and Oden's last words to him. Kaido wonders why he can be injured and for a moment can feel the pain from the scar Oden gave him. Kaido screams in pain and falls onto the ground. Kaido gets up and gets into a brief skirmish with the scabbards. Kaido says that what Orochi was saying was the truth about the scabbard's return in 20 years. Kaido also realizes that the scabbards are allied to Luffy and tells them that pirates will betray them. As Kinemon tells him that Luffy is different and will bring the dawn to Wano, Kaido overhears Luffy declaring war on him and vowing to defeat him and his allies. Kaido transforms into his dragon form and responds to Luffy as he flies to the top of skull dome. Kaido tells the scabbards that he is interested in the battle as he has sobered up and reminded them that things are different since Oden is not there. Nekomamushi tells Kaido that it is a full moon and that he brought the minks out to help fight against him. Kaido acknowledges the minks that are coming to the Scabbards's defense. Jack, Nangi, and other Beasts Pirates arrive to assist Kaido against his enemies. Kaido and his subordinates begins to fight. Kaido and the Nine Red Scabbards spectate as both their forces clash.

When Jack is severely wounded in battle against the Scabbards and their allies, Kaido says that his enemies were too stronger than him and lets him leave the battle to recover. Kaido tells his enemies that he will not allow them to harm his strong subordinates like Jack. Kaido begins his battle against the Nine Red Scabbards. Although he knocks back Kawamatsu, his blast breath is redirected by Raizo and he is wounded by the scabbards combined sword attack. Kaido remarks that their attack was not as deep as Oden. Kaido continues to battle the Scabbards until he lops off Kiku's arm. Kaido reverts back to his humanoid form and continues his battle against the Scabbards. Kaido manages to defeat the Scabbards and use his powers to lift the entire island of Onigashima into the air. Kaido states that he wants to start his New Onigashima project soon and usher in his new pirate paradise. As the commotion and the raid continue on the island, Kaido keeps Onighashima levitating above the water. Big Mom soon joins him and they have their conversation. Big Mom tells Kaido to only spare Nico Robin's life as they would need her to help them decypher the information on the poneglyphs and find the One Piece. Kaido asks about her daughter, Charlotte Pudding, only for Big Mom to say that her powers has not developed yet. Kaido asks Big Mom if it is too early for her to show her true colors to which Big Mom angrily says to Kaido to not underestimate her and that she still sees him as her younger brother. She reminds Kaido that she gave him his devil fruits after the Rocks Pirates fell and that he owes her a life long debt. Kaido says that they can resolve their problems after they obtain the One Piece.

Kaido and Big Mom watch as the Supernovas, Eustass Kid, Killer, Roronoa Zoro, and Trafalgar Law gather before them. When Luffy appears among the group, Kaido tells Luffy to repeat what he says about being the Pirate King to him in a blunt and mocking tone. As Big Mom and Kaido waits for Luffy's response, Luffy ignores them and checks in on a battered Kinemon to see how he was doing since Kaido defeated the Nine Red Scabbards. When Kaido presses Luffy to respond to him, Luffy catches Kaido off guard with a powerful Gear Third Attack that manages to injure him. As Big Mom looks on in surprise and wonders how Kaido could allow himself to get attacked easily, Kaido has a surprised and angry look as he looks at Luffy who states that he intends to become the Pirate King.

Kaido insults Luffy over his comment. He wonders how Luffy's attack could damage him and what happened to Luffy when he was imprisoned in Udon. Kaido wonders if Luffy is at the same level as Gol D. Roger, Shanks, Kozuki Oden, Rocks D. Xebec and Whitebeard. Kaido attempts to knock Luffy out with his giant mace, but Luffy barely avoids the attack. Kaido is impressed by Luffy's improvements since he last fought him and attempts to knock him out with his mace again. However, Law teleports Luffy out of the way. Kaido is attacked by Zoro and Killer who did not phase him. Kaido gets punched by Luffy's Gear Fourth Kong Gun, smashed by Kid's Punk Vice attack, and crushed by large sharp rocks from Law. Kaido emerges from the rubble in his dragon form and tells the Supernova captains that he and Big Mom will kill them and take their crew and poneglyphs. Kaido says that this battle will determine who is closer to being Pirate King.

The battle continues to intensify as the Supernovas attack Kaido. Kaido manages to avoid a Zoro's sword attack that slices off a piece of the skull's horn. Luffy uses his Gear fourth attack to repeatedly punch Kaido. Due to using his Gear Fourth form, Luffy had to return to his original form to regain his energy. Kaido continues to go after his enemeies despite suffering a severe beating from Luffy. Kaido bites down on Luffy and nearly swallows him, until Zoro saves Luffy. Zoro manages to cut Kaido causing him to bleed. Kaido thinks about Oden's presence in Zoro's sword. Kaido transforms into his hybrid form and joins Big Mom. He says that he is enjoying the battle to which she agreed. The two emperors proceed to overwhelm the supernovas to the point where they want to split them both up. As Big Mom deals with Law, Kid, and Zoro, Kaido fights Luffy on his own. Kaido dodges one of Luffy's attacks which makes the latter ask why it is that he dodged his attack. Kaido proceeds to attack Luffy with an energy blast and his mace.

After Big Mom get's thrown off of Oniganshina by the combined efforts of Law, Zoro and Kid Kaido comments on how pathetic she is and charges at Zoro to make him release Prometheus, only to be struck by Law using an "Injection Shot" attack to his neck. After Kaido manages to throw away Law calling his powers annoying he laughs at Luffy commenting on how he's glaring at him despite being unconscious just like their first encounter and comments on different ways he plans on taking the boy's life, to which Zoro interrupts him and uses the last of his strength to launch a powerful attack on Kaido, with the latter asking Zoro if he can use Conqueror's Haki, to his confusion. Kaido says that his attack will definitely leave a scar on him before knocking out Zoro and Law who was trying to help him, saying that if they had worked for him they would've conquered the world together. Luffy regains consciousness and tell Kaido that they will never work for him and reveals to Kaido that he knows he can imbue his attacks with Conqueror's Haki and make them even more powerful, Kaido laughs in confirmation as he charges for Luffy saying that only a handful of people can do such a thing as he brings his Hassaikai down on Luffy, who blocks the attack without touching it and then punches Kaido in the gut without making contact and delivering an uppercut that knocks him down on his back.

As Luffy begins to master the conqueror haki, he continues to fight Kaido on his own. Confident that he can defeat Kaido all by himself, Luffy tells Law and Zoro that they can leave him alone to Kaido. The two continues to fight unil Kaido defeats Luffy, knocks him unconscious, and throw him off the floating Onigashima into the waters below. Kaido comments on his disappointment in Luffy and that he was not like Joyboy. Kaido instructs Bao Huang, to tell everyone on the Onigashima the outcome of the battle. The members of the Luffy's alliance were shocked to hear the Luffy lost in his battle to Kaido. Kaido tries to look for Momonosuke where he was able to locate him along with Kinemon and Shinobu. As Momonosuke and Shinobu make their escapes, Kinemon tries to confront Kaido. Kaido immediately smashes Kinemon over the head with his mace.


Dammit! Hurry up, Joker! Make preparations for the final battle! I don't care if this boring world is destroyed! Let's start the greatest war the world has ever seen!
~ Kaido
I don't care! We don't need him anymore!
~ Kaido when beheading Kurozumi Orochi.
What kind of king did you say you'll be...? YOU BRAT!!
~ Kaido to Luffy after defeated him.
I'm sorry about what happened with the old hag. I had her killed.
~ Kaido's honorifics to Oden about Higurashi before executed him.
Your father... is a foolish lord.
~ Kaido's cruelty toward Momonosuke.
The Worst Generation. Screw them. He's weak as hell!
~ Kaido about the Worst Generation.
Sorry about that idiot from before. I didn't want to win like that.
~ Kaido apologizing to Luffy for the CP-0 Agent's interference.


  • Like Big Mom, Kaido's appearance changed from the time he was mentioned until he made an appearance. This was possibly because it was an earlier design.
  • Kaido is the last Yonko to make an actual appearance in the series.
    • Kaido was first mentioned in Chapter 432 by Garp in his conversation about the Yonko. He makes an actual appearance in Chapter 795. This makes it three-hundred and sixty-three chapters that Kaido was mentioned before his actual debut.
  • Kaido's name means temple or church.
  • Despite being described as an incredibly powerful, in the past Kaido was defeated seven times, captured by the Marines and his enemies eighteen times and was sentenced to death forty times.
  • Kaido has two distinct laughs "Worororo" and while drunken "Fuhihihi".
  • After Whitebeard's death, Kaido has the highest bounty among the Yonko.

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