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Kaiser is a minor villain and main antagonist of arc's tournament of Asura in Fist of the North Star.

Sometime before the story, he had fought Han and was scarred on the face. In the present, he is first seen watching an arena match between two Asurans who had killed over 100 people with the winner to marry Lin. Kaiser taps her throat and drips out some blood without leaving an open wound. As her blood mixes with the wine, Kaiser hopes to marry her off to the winner so she will bear his child.

After the Asuran Alf kills his opponent, Kaiser denies him the wine. Kaiser advises his champion than an intruder with Seven Scars had been killing lesser Asurans; If Alf completes his mission to kill the intruder, he will marry Lin then. Sadly, this was not to be as Kenshiro defeats and kills Alf.

Kaiser along with his troupe spot Shachi trying to take Lin, with the former being impressed at Shachi's victory over an Asuran. Having heard that Shachi was the Rakshasa using Hokuto Ryuken to massacre a number of Asurans, Kaiser is also surprised that he is revealing himself now. Kaiser also promises to give Shachi a name as long as he has Lin, but the Rakshasa plans to take the Asuran's head. The blonde haired Asuran sends his two warriors Sha and Zhan to fight him, but Shachi kills Sha and Kaiser uses Moko-ryu Yokin Sho to tear out the ribs of Zhan killing him instantly without the loss of blood as punishment for turning a back to the enemy.

Before fighting, Shachi reveals to Kaiser he's not after Lin, but rather the man who's after her. Kaiser readies a Kohai Yuga Tou on his right hand and scrapes his opponent. With the Rakshasa at an assumed disadvantage, Kaiser tries to steal his ribs, but Shachi plans for this and shatters his right arm. Believing he can still win with one arm, Kaiser attempts to use Baddara but is kicked before Shachi pierces his finger into his forehead with Hama Dokushi.

With his head being bursted from the outside-in, Kaiser asks of Shachi's ambitions and hears he wants to be more powerful to rival God himself. The Moko-ryu Yokin Sho user warns of the three Rasho, among them being Han, before finally drawing his agonized breath.

Powers and Abilities

Kaiser uses Moko-ryu Yokin Sho to rip out an opponent's vital organs without drawing blood. He can also use his ability to glow his hands and scrape an enemy from the outside.



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