Kaita the Bat Rider aka The Mummy is the main antagonist in the Disney Channel show Pair of Kings.

He was the king of the Tarantuala people and the dark side of Kinkow. He spends most of the series in the form of a mummy, but is fully resurrected by the series finale. He is arguably the main antagonist of the show because he was only seen in three-four episodes in the series, and, since he was in the first episode of the series, it could be said that he was always meant to be the main antagonist of the show, not Lanny or Yamakoshi, as many thought.

He was portrayed by Damion Poitier, who also played Thanos in The Avengers and The Incapacitator from the crossover Lab Rats vs Mighty Med.


Mortal Life

It is said that a thousand years ago, he ruled the darkside of Kinkow, and wished to destroy the light side. It is implied he  had great power in his mortal life, because he was known to ride a demonic bat as means of transportation. He was eventually killed by one of the kings, and eventually mummified.

Mummy and Resurrection

In an undead state, he killed Brady, Boomer, and Boz's parents, but he never tried to put his plan into action until the series began. When Brady and Boomer first arrive in Kinkow, the Tarantula people first attempted to find the Bat Medallion to resurrect him.

In the series finale, after Brady leaves and his long lost brother Boz returns, Kaita is fully resurrected. The first thing he does is kill all the Tarantuala people, and resurrect them as the undead to attack the people of Kinkow. He first meets Boomer and Boz, and fights them after revealing he killed their parents. He uses his demonic bat to fight them and was seemingly killed when it falls into the ocean. He is shown to have survived and fights the brothers face to face. He begins to gain the upper hand, when all the tribes of Kinkow band together and use their tribe gems to blast him into Mount Spew, Kinkow's volcano, killing him and restoring the light side of Kinkow.


  • He is the only villain on the series to have actually succeeded in killing a king.
  • Kaita did what Zadoc and King Kalakai couldn't; he actually killed a king. Zadoc lost to a king, Kalakai never saw his brother Malakai after being turned into a fish, but Kaita actually murdered King Kunu.
  • Season 1's story of the Mummy was somewhat changed from the final story; as it was said that the Mummy was killed by Mason in the first episode. In Revenge Of the Mummy, it was said that a King killed him "hundreds of years ago," by Mikayla. By the series finale, it is implied that Kaita killed King Kunu. When Mason said he killed Kaita, he could have meant that he took the Bat Medallion from Kaita (much like how the Mummy comes to 'life' with the Bat Medallion). Since Kaita was killed hundreds of years ago, it is likely that King Kunu was killed by Kaita's Mummy form. This is also explains how Mason was able to 'kill' the mummy (by stealing the Bat Medallion) years after King Kunu's death.
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