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Kaku is a minor antagonist from the anime and manga series, Akame Ga Kill!. He is a member of Team Stylish. He is the one of the Dr. Stylish's minions to be among strongest man, as a referred to be "Bishop" by crew.

He was voiced by Kento Fujinuma in Japanese and Mark Laskowski in English.


Kaku was a gigantic man with dark skin, moustache, and short black hair. He wears a right grey mechanical prosthesis on her hands, dark green jacket has red, yellow and black pockets, dark brown pants, yellow and grey belts, white shirt, and black boots.

Powers and Abilities

Kaku has enough strength to using his Extase, including of the modified body. He was shown to Tatsumi's sword while he attacking him with the broken into a hunched position with increase defense. He is also seems to be good combat ability, and he would face to Tatsumi is using Incursio, this making of him even has to do it mostly was a strongest villains in Extase's power by cutting do anything at this series.


Kaku was one of Dr. Stylish's henchmen, and a man with an improved physique that allows him to have enormous strength and durability. His modified body from him was enhanced by Dr. Stylish, and he was a criminal who allowed Dr. Stylish to carry out the experiment in exchange for a lighter sentence.

While Night Raid's hideout is attacked, Tatsumi is intercepted by Kaku who after a short conversation proceeds to attack him using Sheele's stoled teigu, Kaku presses on his muscles and Tatsumi's sword is cut, after which the assassin takes Extase out and begins to give strong blows that manage to pierce Incursio. After a brief battle, Mine arrives with Pumpkin. Kaku is confident of his resistance and attacks head-on but Mine disintegrates him in one single blast.


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