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Kakuka Virsago is the secondary antagonist of the manga BB Senshi Sangokuden.


Kakuka Virsago greatly resemble a super deformed Virsago Gundam.  


Kakuka is one of the apprentice of Shiba-i Sazabi, which Kakuka takes great pride in. He won't hesitate to kill anyone who get in the way of Shiba-i. He also greatly desired to be praised his teacher and is furiously loyals to Shiba-i towards the very end.


Kakuka first appeared when Kan-U seeks help from Giga to defeat Enshou Bawoo. He is one of the generals of Giga that question if Kan-U is worthy to join their force.

Than, after Enshou is defeated by Sousou, Kakuka is sent to Gappi to fight the force of Shou and Gou. In there, Kakuka use the Gyokuji, which is given by Shiba-i, to gather the boulders prom the wall to form a giant golem which appears as a Virago Gundam. At first, Kakuka is able to gain the upper hand with his overwhelming force. However, some of the generals of Giga disagree with Kakuka's method, so they defected temporarily to fight Kakuka, in the end, the golem is destroyed. But Kakuka survived its destruction and returned to the fortress of Giga.

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