Kala Meir'ri is the main antagonist of the 13th Monster High TV special "Great Reef Scarrier".

She is the daughter of the legendary Kraken, she seen dancing in the mermaid theatre with her friends Pearl and Peri, she does mean things to lagoona because before she was friend with her before, but all change when she see the happy family of Lagoona who was loved by everyone. She was jealous of her because she knew her father never have the respect of the town, and she was also bullied by all the citizen of her town because of her father look.

She think everyone hate her in the reef, Lagoona was now know it was her she was efraid, so she tried to convince her that monster high ain't like the town, Kala then see she was right and tell her father to stop the attack, Lagoona and her are now tried to repair their friendship and became friends again.


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