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Kali is a werewolf and a major antagonist in Season 3A of MTV's Teen Wolf. She is an Alpha Werewolf and a member of the Alpha Pack and Deucalion's second in command.

She is portrayed by Felisha Terrell.


In her first appearance, Kali is disguised as a nurse. She stays barefoot throughout and fights with the claws on her feet. She drugs Isaac Lahey, a werewolf and a member of Derek Hale's pack and later attacks his Breaden, a mysterious mercenary who rescues Isaac from the Alpha Pack at the school locker room.

Kali later appears as she and Ennis attack Derek and Cora. Kali tortures and impales Derek with a steel pipe.

Kali as a werewolf

She later fights Derek and his pack with the other Alpha Pack which resulted in Ennis being injured in the fight. She then seeks treatment for Ennis from a veternarian named Doctor Deaton. She is bereaved after finding out Ennis is dead and blames Derek for his. However, unknown to her, Deucalion killed after he was treated by Deaton.

She seeks revenge and challenges Derek to a one on one fight at his loft, holding Jennifer Blake hostage so that his pack members,Boyd and Isaac don't interfere. After gaining the upper hand, she has the Alpha Twins restrain Derek and dropped Boyd onto Derek's claws forcing the Alpha to kill his Beta. In a flashback, we see that Kali killed Erica, another member of Derek's pack.

Back when Kali still had her own pack, she accompanied Ennis and Deucalion along with their own packs to a meeting in Beacon Hills after the Argents had killed one of Ennis' Betas.

After Deucalion was betrayed and blinded by Gerard Argent, he orders Kali and Ennis to kill their packs and emissaries so they can form their Aplha Pack. However, Kali admits to Deucalion that she did not make sure her former emissary was dead when she killed her pack to join The Alpha Pack. She tries unsuccessfully to capture the Darach in the abandoned hospital.

Kali helps Deucalion and Ethan and Aiden go after Ms. Morrell after she betrayes them.

While Kali and the twins are hunting down Derek, she is attacked by Jennifer Blake which resulted in the twins getting wounded and her being killed by the Darach.