Kalibak is a villain from the DC universe and one of Darkseid's sons. Making him a powerful leader in the hellish world known as Apokolips and a dangerous opponent to any who would oppose his father's plans for conquest.


Kalibak is the son of Darkseid, the ruler of the planet Apokolips, and the sorceress Suli, whom Darkseid secretly married against the wishes of his mother, Queen Heggra.

After the birth of Kalibak, Heggra had the torturer Desaad poison Suli, and forced Darkseid to marry Tigra, who bore him a son, Orion. Kalibak was trained in Apokolip’s special powers force, while Orion was raised on the peaceful world of New Genesis. Orion and Kalibak fought each other since childhood, under circumstances yet to be revealed.

Kalibak has always resented Orion feeling his half-brother was always the favoured son. As an adult, Kalibak became known as “Kalibak the Cruel” and the “Scourge of Apokolips” for his savagery in battle and the horrors of his “Torment Chambers”.

The second most powerful member of Darkseid’s forces has to be his firstborn son to his wife Suli, Kalibak. A brutish, powerful warrior, Kalibak is a loyal subject of his father Darkseid, often seen as his father’s second in command. Desperate to obtain love and affection he knows he’ll never get, Kalibak hides his sensitive, emotional side by becoming a powerful warrior.

Often clashing with his half-brother Orion, Kalibak leads his father’s forces into battle once the peace treaty between Apokolips and New Genesis falls. Kalibak is often favored above Darkseid’s other Elites, often being resurrected more frequently after his failures than the others.

In Death of the New Gods, Kalibak is killed, but briefly comes back as a human in Final Crisis. His soul is later transferred into the body of a half-human half-tiger creature. He engages Captain Marvel's butler Tawny in battle and is mortally wounded.

Injustice 2

In the Injustice universe, Kalibak was killed by Superman which made Darkseid arrive on Earth.


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