Kalil Hasan

I'm the man whose going to kill you if you don't follow my instructions.
~ Kalil Hasan to Andrew Paige

Kalil Hasan is an antagonist of Season Four of the TV show 24. He is a member of Habib Marwan's terrorist group, and the partner of Abdul Mahnesh.

He was portrayed by Anil Kumar.


After computer programmer Andrew Paige discovers Marwan's secrets, Navi Araz orders Hasan and Mahnesh to find Paige. Searching for him, they kill four of his co-workers before running into him when he enters the building. However, he manages to escape, and Hasan goes to the house of Andrew's mother Jeannie Paige, who he murders before setting up residence in her house in order to tap the government's phone lines. After hearing Andrew alert agent Jack Bauer to the attack, Hasan notifies Navi before tracking down and kidnapping Paige. Bauer tries to intervene, but his superior Ronnie Lobell is shot and killed by Hasan, who then escapes with Andrew.

After his escape, Hasan orders two of his henchmen to torture Paige in order to discover how much he told the government. After he tells them, Hasan departs, leaving the two henchmen with orders to kill Page, although Bauer arrives and kills them both, saving him.

Hasan is later tracked down and taken hostage by Bauer, who is hoping he'll lead them to Marwan's hostages, in order to stall him until a tracker can be placed on him. After this happens, Bauer releases Hasan, who proceeds to steal a car and attempt to reach his meeting point. After getting into a fight with several thugs when he honks his horn at them after they refuse to move their car, Hasan is approached by several police officers who have identified his car as stolen. Believing they've identified him as a terrorist, and knowing he's being followed to discover the hostages, hasan commits suicide by crashing his car rather than be caught.


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