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I am Kalirama the Undying. Goddess of Death, War and Annihilation. Daughter of Time. Queen of the Cosmic Powers and Mother to the Fates. Bow before me, so that I may sever your heads from your necks!
~ Kalirama

Kalirama is a minor antagonist of Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox. She introduces herself as the Goddess of Death, War, and Annihilation and seeks to destroy the Reds and Blues, who are supposedly chosen by "God" to save time. She is later revealed to be an AI created by Chrovos to enforce his will, but she and her siblings rebelled against him.

She is voiced by Lydia Mackay, who also provided the English voices for Kuroka in Highschool DxD, Ultear Milkovich in Fairy Tail, Angelina Durless in Black Butler, Sloth in the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist, Narukami in Kamisama Kiss, and many more characters.


Kalirama is first introduced in the episode "Incendiary Incidents", where Donut informs the Reds and Blues that they have been chosen by God himself to go back in time and fix the past so that they might save the future, becoming his warriors and guardians of time. However, Kalirama travels through time and finds them, wielding swords, guns, and a human skull. She proceeds to introduce herself and threaten the teams. She then fires her blaster and destroys the pizza place the teams were headed to, causing them to angrily fire upon her. However, the bullets do nothing. She mocks them and fights back, but Donut puts up a magical shield to protect them.

Enraged, Kalirama grows to a massive size and attacks the shield with her sword. Donut gives the Reds and Blues time portal guns, and they all escape in pairs to different time periods. Kalirama eventually breaks through the shield just as Sarge and Simmons escape, leaving just her and Donut.

She appears sometime later at a meeting with all the other Cosmic Powers to discuss the Reds and Blues. Kalirama tries to tell Atlus Arcadium Rex that as long as they are protected, they cannot be killed, only for Atlus to angrily boast they are already dead so long as he wants them dead.



  • Kalirama's name and appearance both allude to Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, as evidenced by the fact that she holds a scimitar-like sword in one lower hand and a skull in the other. Her name also means 'black' in Sanskrit, used in the smoke cloud that appears behind her.
  • Kalirama's armor consists of the Helioskrill helmet and Venator body armor from the Halo franchise.


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