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We shall pierce their treasonous hearts!
~ Kalista
In life, she was a general, a protector, a hero. But as flesh gave way, she was left with naught but the blazing fires of retribution--an undying spirit of vengeance.
~ Kalista's description in Legends of Runeterra.

Kalista, also known as The Spear of Vengeance, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. A restless specter from the Shadow Isles, Kalista is a soldier who can be summoned by anyone who is betrayed, absorbing their soul in exchange for the assurance that they will be avenged.

The 122nd champion added to the game, Kalista was released on November 20, 2014. She is most commonly played in bot lane.

She is voiced by Misty Lee, who also voiced Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and The Sorceress in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.



Kalista was born thousands of years ago in an empire that has been lost to the pages of history, where she was the king's niece and most trusted general. An honorable and loyal soldier, she saved her king's life many times, but one day, in deflecting an assassin's blade, she unintentionally poisoned the queen, who became deathly ill. The king scoured the kingdom for a cure, and wracked with guilt, Kalista agreed to travel the entire world in search of a cure, tasking the Iron Order and Commander Hecarim to protect the king in her absence.

Search for the Cure

Kalista's voyage was long and treacherous, but no matter how hard she searched she could not find anyone who could produce a cure. But just when she felt like giving up, Kalista got word a mystical archipelago called the Blessed Isles, with ancient magics hidden from the world by shimmering pale mists. The search was difficult, but Kalista found it with her determination and noble intent, which helped to reveal the isles to her.

At the capital city of Helia, the guardians and elders listened to Kalista's story and agreed to help the queen, stating that as long as the queen still lived, she could be revived in the Waters of Life. Kalista thanked the elders and was given a talisman that would help her on her next journey through the mists before setting sail back to her homeland, but when she finally returned, she was horrified to find that not only was the queen already dead, but the king had gone insane, locking himself in his tower with her rotting corpse.

Ruination of the Blessed Isles

Kalista spoke to the king, and refused to tell him the location of the Blessed Isles, for the cure she found was now useless. The king would not believe this, and accused Kalista of treason before ordering her locked away. In her cell, Kalista was visited by Hecarim, who persuaded her that if her uncle was taken to the Blessed Isles, he would listen to reason from the elders. Then he could be at peace and would allow the queen to be buried. Hesitantly, Kalista agreed with Hecarim's plan, and she led the king's ships to the Blessed Isles.

When they arrived at Helia, the masters would not let them pass, stating that the queen was already dead, and to subvert death would be to defy nature itself. The king was furious and ordered Kalista to kill everyone in their path. Kalista refused, believing Hecarim would stand by her, but to her shock he plunged his spear right through her back, mortally wounding her. Hecarim's knights joined the frenzy, slaying Kalista and those that stood with her in a brutal display of treachery. With her final breath, Kalista swore vengeance on Hecarim before she died.

The Spear of Vengeance

But Kalista's story would not end there, as during the Ruination her spirit was resurrected by the sinister Black Mist. Helia had been engulfed by ruin and the Shadow Isles, with thousands of restless spirits howling for all eternity. Kalista was furious at the sight, but blinded by her pain and hatred, Kalista like many others soon forgot herself and her old life. After centuries of aimless wandering, all the remains of Kalista is her thirst for vengeance after Hecarim's betrayal.

Over centuries, Kalista became an almost legendary figure in folklore, who can be summoned by anyone who faces a similar fate at the hands of deceivers. All they need to do is offer their soul to the Lady of Vengeance, and by becoming one with her they can rest assured that their revenge will be carried out.


In game, Kalista is a marksman-type champion, throwing her spears to deal reliable damage from a longer range. Kalista can collect an exclusive item from the shop called the Black Spear, which she can use to soulbind herself to an ally called an Oathsworn for various bonuses. Her passive, Martial Poise, lets her lunge short distances by moving while winding up attacks. Kalista can also activate this by using Pierce, an ability that throws a spear through all enemies in a direction. Kalista can also use Sentinel to send souls to scout an area, and Rend to rip her spears out of enemies (thrown in by attacks) to slow them and deal damage. Kalista's ultimate, Fate's Call, has her teleport her Oathsworn ally to herself, which lets them both dash and knock back enemy champions.


Turncoats, oath breakers and betrayers... we hate them all.
~ Kalista

In life, Kalista was one of the kinder officials in her uncle's empire, who was dutiful, sought ways to cure the king's madness, and was overall a much more honorable warrior than Hecarim ever was. She even stood against her own king when he ordered genocide against the city of Helia, which shows a remarkable amount of courage. However, after Hecarim's betrayal and her resulting death, Kalista was twisted into a violent specter driven purely by malice and vengeance.

Driven to madness by her hatred for Hecarim, Kalista only knows one thing now: revenge. She still adheres to a strict code of honor, but is completely singleminded and merciless in her approach, even if the deceievers are heroes such as Twisted Fate. In a sense, she has become an undead vigilante, but is much more concerned with retribution that she is with justice. Absorbing the spirits of other betrayed, Kalista doesn't remember much about her old life nor does she seem to care to, ignoring the former lover Ledros' pleas to end her crusade and be at peace. Whether she will one day remember her true self is yet to be seen, but for now Kalista will remain the restless spirit of vengeance.





  • Being born before the Ruination, Kalista is somewhere between 1050-1100 years old.
  • While the Spear of Vengeance retains Kalista's appearance, she functions more like a hive mind of all the betrayed souls, which is why she refers to herself as 'we'. When Ledros tried to free her of the curse, she almost remembered her true identity, but this did not succeed.
  • Her appearance may be inspired by Achilles.
  • The Black Spear is the weapon Hecarim used to kill her.


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