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Kalypso is Kass' older sister and Tiny Kong's rival. Kalypso  joins the Kremlings and races against their long lifetime rivals the Kongs. She is unlocked by winning the Sapphire Cup with a Kremling. She appears in the game as a rival for Tiny Kong; as such they share stats and have similar body composition. Kalypso slashes with her claws as her attack and like all characters in the game she can also perform Wild Moves.

Personality and Appearance

Kalypso said she has the trust of the Kremling Krew as well as having good reflexes. She is also good at sports and dancing, the latter never having been shown in games. Kalypso is known to own a clubhouse which is seen as an oasis by all the Kremlings.

She has pale blue-green skin, a purple top with a skull design, and blue jeans with a skull belt. Her hairstyle is a large purple afro. She has large breasts and wide hips. Her size compliments Tiny Kong's albeit slightly bustier, as such they rival each other in her debut appearance. Kalypso has been described as a cool and attractive character, but it is said she has an irritating laugh.


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Kalypso has be seen in various cutscenes. Tiny Kong, Dixie Kong, Donkey Kong and Lanky Kong. In the Time Trial cutscene she can be seen along with Kopter and Diddy Kong as part of the public giving indications to Kass and Lanky Kong of which lap they are on by showing them a sign. 

She makes another appearance in one of Candy Challenges in Challenge # 14: Help Tiny Kong!. Donkey Kong has to help Tiny Kong beat Kalypso in a race; this challenge is level 2 in difficulty.


  • Kalypso's name is derived from "calypso", a type of Caribbean folk music. This is based on her resemblance to afro dancers.
  • The European version of the SMB4. Mentions that she owns a clubhouse and that she is good at sports and dancing, while also being a good leader. Her sticker boosts Launch Power by 26 and can be used by any character.
  • It could also be said that apart from Tiny it possesses a rivalry with Candy Kong, for the simple fact of envying its beauty.
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