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Kamado is the central antagonist in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. He is the leader of the Galaxy Expedition Team.


Kamado is a tall man with pale skin, black hair, and a long mustache. He wears a black kimono stylized at the bottom with the artwork of a Golduck riding on ocean waves. Around his shoulders is a gray jacket with the Galaxy Team emblem to the left.

He can also wear a suit of gray armor with golden lines around the collarbone, gauntlets, and around the neck. He also wears a black headband with a golden symbol of the Galaxy Expedition Team on it.


Kamado is very harsh to outsiders, although the Galaxy Team considers him trustworthy.


Long ago, Kamado and his friend Beni witnessed their hometown be burned down by maddened Pokémon. Coming to Hisui, Kamado sought to build a home for the people to live peacefully from Pokémon and created Jubilife Village. They established the Galaxy Expedition Team, with Kamado serving as the commander.

Kamado is first introduced after the player joins the Survey Corps of the Galaxy Team after clearing Cyllene's trial. Seeing potential in the player's power, Kamado instructs the player to calm the Noble Pokémon, five powerful Pokémon that suddenly went berserk from lightning from the rift.

Upon defeating and soothing the wraths of the Noble Kleavor, Lilligant, Arcanine, Electrode, and Avalugg, the rift suddenly grows massive in size and the sky turns red. During a meeting with the Diamond and Pearl clan leaders Adaman and Irida, Kamado reveals that he believes the player to be involved with its sudden growth as they came from the rift. As such, he banishes the player from Jubilife Village, forbidding their return unless they can prove their innocence.

With assistance from Cogita and Volo, the player learns of the Red Chain which can "bind the world together" and completes the trials provided by Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf to gather the materials. With the Red Chain, the player returns to Jubilife Village only to learn that Kamodo and the Galaxy Team Security Corps have already departed to the Temple of Sinnoh atop Mount Coronet to stop the rift by force.

At the top, Kamodo confronts the player and tells them that he will only believe in the Red Chain's power if they can defeat him in battle. The player battles Kamodo and defeats him. Kamodo apologizes for doubting them and now requests for the player to put an end to the rift their way.

Following the rift's closure, Kamado can be found at Prelude Beach reminiscing over his past achievements. He challenges the player to another battle. Upon defeat, he acknowledges the player's strength, complementing them for seeing their Pokémon as trustworthy allies. As such, he gives them the Fist Plate.

In the post-game, Kamado can be fought at the Training Grounds as part of the Path of Tenacity challenge.




  • Kamado appears to be to be the ancestor of Professor Rowan of Sinnoh.
    • Furthermore, while seemingly not related to him, Kamado's suit of armor resembles the suit used by Wikstrom of the Kalos Elite Four.
  • During the Path of Tenacity matches, Kamado's Golem, Heracross, and Snorlax are female. This contradicts his main-game battles, where they are male.


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