Spend the money quickly, Mister Bond.
~ Kamal Khan to Bond.
Good. Let the sport commence.
~ Kamal Khan.

Kamal Khan is one of the two main antagonists of the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy.

He was portrayed by the late Louis Jourdan.


Khan is a suave exiled Afghan prince living in India in the Monsoon Palace. He has a penchant for fine food and liquor, priceless jewels, and atomic weaponry.

He associates with the power-crazed General Orlov in an attempt to unleash nuclear holocaust in Western Europe, by planning to detonate a nuclear bomb inside a US airbase, using Octopussy's Circus as a cover. The ensuing outrage at this "accident" will encourage NATO to abandon nuclear arms, and allow Orlov's armies to invade the West.

After Khan and Gobinda escape with the captive Octopussy, they climb aboard Khan's plane. Bond jumps onto the outside of the plane and defeats Gobinda in hand-to-hand combat while Khan makes the plane do dangerous flips and turns.

Bond detaches the fuel line in the plane's right engine, causing the plane to nosedive, leaping off with Octopussy just as Khan desperately tries to land. The runway is too short and the plane ends up going over a cliff. With only one working engine, the plane veers into the side of a cliff and explodes with Khan inside.


Then, why don't you take over the Major's position? Mr? (Bond, James Bond.)
~ Kamal Khan and Bond.
(Octopussy : Who is he?) Englishman. Likes eggs, preferably Fabergé, and dice, preferably loaded.
~ Octopussy and Kamal Khan.
Mr. Bond is indeed a very rare breed, soon to be made extinct.
~ Kamal Khan.
You have a nasty habit of surviving.
~ Kamal Khan to Bond.
Octopussy, I would enjoy another opportunity to take care of Mr. Bond, personally. (Octopussy : I will take care of Mr. Bond, myself.) Good night. And, enjoy yourself, Mr. Bond.
~ Kamal Khan and Octopussy.
General, excuse me. I have some traveling arrangements to make. Enjoy the show. (US general : Thank you.) (US aide : I'm sure the general will get a big blast out of this) I know he won't be disappointed.
~ Kamal Khan preparing to leave the circus, where a bomb is placed.
He'll kill us all. Go out and get him. (Gobinda : Out there?) Go! (Gobinda : Yes, Excellence.)
~ Kamal Khan's last words.




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