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Remember this well, there shall be no peace as long as Kirk lives!
~ Kamarag to the Federation Council.

Kamarag is an antagonist who first appeared in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. He was a Klingon male who lived during the 23rd century.

He was portrayed by John Schuck.


In the 2260s, Kamarag was the head of the House of Kamarag.

The Klingon warlord Kruge was one of Kamarag's protegees. After Kruge died on the Genesis Planet, Kamarag held Kirk responsible for Kruge's demise.

In 2286 Colonel Kamarag was the Empire's Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. During a meeting of the council, he played back a video of the destruction of the Enterprise, and loudly complained about how the Genesis Device had been built at the behest of James T. Kirk to commit genocide against the Klingon people. He then listed the Empire's demands, namely that Kirk be extradited to face Klingon "justice."

Sarek arrived and debunked Kamarag's claims, pointing out how Klingons had murdered David Marcus and hundreds of Starfleet officers and crew to possess the secrets of Genesis. Federation President Hiram Roth put a stop to the argument, stating that deliberations were over, and that Kirk faced nine charges of violating regulations. Furious that Roth would not hand Kirk over to them to face a certain death sentence, Kamarag said as long as Kirk was alive there would be no peace, before storming out of the council chambers.

After all the charges were dismissed against Kirk and his crew, Kamarag was allowed by the High Council to put a bounty out on Kirk.

In 2289 Kamarag attended talks between the Empire and the Federation at the Korvat colony. He was seriously injured when Qagh bombed the conference and would later gripe that overly efficient Starfleet doctors deprived him of the scars from the bombing, but that there would no doubt be further peace conferences complete with opportunities to obtain more scars. When acting Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Excelsior disobeyed orders to pursue Qagh, Kamarag interceded on Sulu's behalf with Starfleet and warned the Admiralty that the Klingons would not be happy if Sulu was treated too harshly. As a result of Kamarag's intercession, Sulu was permanently promoted to the rank of Captain and named the permanent CO of the Excelsior.

He was still the Empire's representative in 2293, when he demanded that the Empire be allowed to try Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy for the death of Chancellor Gorkon. In order to allow the peace process to continue, the President reluctantly allowed the Empire to do so.

Kamarag was at the Khitomer Conference, and reluctantly applauded when Kirk and his crew saved the life of Azetbur.

After the conference Kamarag went rouge and kidnapped Kirk's nephew Peter, in the hopes that he could lure the elder Kirk into making a rescue attempt so that Kamarag could kill him. Kamarag's plans were foiled by his niece Valdyr, who had fallen in love with Peter and helped him escape back to the Federation.

Chancellor Azetbur sent General Korrd to hunt down Kamarag. When Korrd caught up with Kamarag, the latter committed suicide rather than allow himself to be captured. Kamarag was succeeded by Kasiel as the Empire's Ambassador to the Federation. A wiry, thin man with a taciturn manner, Kasiel was noted for being almost the polar opposite of the large and bellicose Kamarag.


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