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Kamen Rider Abaddon is a set of footsoldiers used by Thinknet serving as antagonists in the movie Kamen Rider Zero-One: REALxTIME.

Using the Abaddonriser and Crowding Hopper Progrise Key, the followers of S are able to transform into Kamen Rider Abaddon. They are led by a team of high-ranking Kamen Rider Abaddons with unique colors who serve as S' top lieutenants.


Pledging to destroy the world and remake it anew, S attracted hundreds of followers to cause to use nanomachines to remake the world into a paradise. He intended to do this by assimilating everyone into a virtual world of his own creation where they would have the ability to control everything about their own lives. By linking to the virtual world using specialized ZAIASpecs, the followers of Thinknet were able to obtain Abaddonrisers and transform into Kamen Rider Abaddons that manifested in the real world, all while their original bodies remained safe.

The Abaddons attacked various places all across the world, spreading nanomachines to forcibly assimilate people into the virtual world. However, thanks to the ZAIASpecs supplied to them by Gai Amatsu, Aruto and his allies were able to resist the nanomachines. While the A.I.M.S. Riders and MetsubouJinrai.NET fought off the Abaddon footsoldiers, Zero-One went to confront S and stop his mad scheme.

After it was revealed that S did not truly intend to remake the world, only to revive his deceased wife, the remaining Abaddons sided with Bell, who overthrew S and attempted to fulfill his plan.




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