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Villain Overview

I've always wanted to say...How all you idiots are friggin' annoying. Going on and on about your kingdom on the brink of destruction. What the hell's so great about kingdoms anyway? If you peel off the outer skin, it's nothing more than a cesspool where a chosen few are allowed to treat the common folk however they want. "The resolve to protect this kingdom?" Hehehe, Don't make me laugh. I couldn't care less about whether or not Qin gets destroyed.
~ Kan Ki answering Chou Tou's questions on his loyalties.
You be enjoyable. You are abdicated to the sensation of emerging victorous through your own cunning...and that is...a trait shared by many exemplary Generals. It's irritating but...You have...the Talent too. I won't grovel to you, but...Promise me this. Become the Number One General in Qin, Kan Ki. I leave Qin...To You."
~ Chou Tou's last words to Kan Ki.
The unification of China. Going by your eyes...Are you telling me that if you manage to pull that off, that all war will finish and peace will descend upon the world? Yep, you're one evil bastard. The whole idea of unifying China involves butchering an enemy state's people through overwhelming military power until they no longer have the strength to fight back. Then, you just swoop in and claim everything they own for yourself: The land, The people, the resources, all of it. It's the slaughter and pillaging on a whole new scale. And the only ones who will be happy for the peace this brings...Are the people of Qin.
~ Kan Ki's realistic views on the Unification of China to Shin.

Kan Ki, also known as the Beheader and by his new title Fifth Great, is a central anti-villain in the historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom. He is a Great General in the Qin Military and the fifth member of the Six Great Generals of Qin's second generation. He is also the leader of the deadly Kan Ki Army, one of most powerful armies within the state of Qin. As one of the leading military figures in the Warring States, his abilities in warfare rival the likes of Go Hou Mei and Ri Boku.

He is currently one of the three main leaders on a campaign to destroy the Zhao Military and conquer the State of Zhao itself alongside Ou Sen and Yo Tan Wa. He is a supporting protagonist in the Sanyou Campaign Arc, a major protagonist in the Coalition Invasion Arc, an overreaching protagonist/antagonist in the Koku You Campaign Arc, a supporting protagonist in the Western Zhao Invasion Arc, and was the overreaching protagonist in the Battle of Eikyuu Arc.

Originally the leader of a large pack bandit based in the southern regions of Qin, Kan Ki was infamous for his unusual ways of guerilla warfare and brilliant tactics as he defeated and destroyed any of the local armies sent to kill him and extremely brutal personality as he personally beheaded every single person of any cities and villages he and his gang captured. Kan Ki would later be recruited by Mou Gou, a Qin Great General, as the old general saw the potential in the young bandit. Through reasons yet to be revealed Kan Ki joined the Qin Military underneath Mou Gou's wing. After quickly rising through the ranks as he reached the rank of a general, Kan Ki along with Ou Sen his fellow peer would rampage their way across the Warring States while living underneath the shadows of the Six Great Generals of Qin while gradually making a name for themselves due their incredible talent and abilities in warfare.

In the anime, he is voiced by Kentarō Itō who has provided the voices of N'Doul from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Mogudrago, Manhole Banki, Toome, Invisible World, and the Great Invisible World from Super Sentai Series.




This man...What the hell is he?!...It's not killing intent...It's not killing intent but there's something this guy is giving off...that instantly made me draw my sword...!! That's right. For just an instant, I almost felt like I was going to get sucked in by those eyes...But now...The only thing I feel towards this man, Is a powerful sense of Rejection!...So this is...the man known as General Kan Ki...!!
~ Shin's thoughts on Kan Ki upon meeting him.

Kan Ki is almost always seen with a smirk or smile on his face. He has no qualms whatever so ever in killing surrounded soldiers, local civilians, and innocent bystanders all in the name of an absolute victory. Kan Ki has also showed his views as a nihilist by showing no concern for his home state of Qin as it was on the brink of total annihilation from the invading Coalition Armies, stating he could care less about the concept of loyalty to kingdoms as the concept itself is nothing more than a cesspool where a select few can treat commoners as they please and later the only reason he fights as a general is that it allows him to quench his thirst for the thrill of warfare (no matter how savage) in a sanctioned manner. But despite these claims, he showed a genuine sense of loyalty and respect toward his late benefactor, Mou Gou, and maintain a somewhat friendly relationship with his former senior and fellow great general, Ou Sen. 

Kan Ki also seems to possesses a very strange sense of humor as he made his apparently unskilled favorite lackey Ogiko, a one-hundred-man commander of his personal army because it was simply funny.


Extremely brutal personality. Even now he still retains the cruel and heavy handed behavior of bandit days, it's said he has no qualms what so ever with killing surrender soldiers. I heard that back in his bandit days, whenever he managed to take a city or village, he would personally behead every last person he found in it.
~ Mou Ten to Shin on Kan Ki's reputation.



Then for what reason are you?"
"Good question. If I had to sum it up in one sentence...Then it'd be because I'm Fucking Good at Warfare. Much more than all you dumbasses who think you're great just because you're a general or whatever.
~ Kan Ki to Chou Tou.





Rage. That is what drives Kan Ki. Rage that burns so strong it's hot enough to melt even rock.
~ Saki to Na Ki on Kan Ki's motivations.


While rare, there have been moments in which Kan Ki has shown himself to be honorable. This was first observed when he and Ou Sen greeted Mou Gou the old Great General with a salute before the start of Battle of Sanyou. He would later unexpectedly show an uncharacteristic display of honor when he stopped Chou Tou's body from falling his horse after the veteran general died from poisoning despite openly mocking him earlier and two years later after the war with Coalition, he offered up a bonfire of captured Wei soldiers as tribute to Mou Gou's passing in his own sadistic display of respect to his former benefactor and leader.


So that's one of the two swords held by General Mou Gou...Vice General Kan Ki. Young yet endowed with talent, it's said that if he were born only one generation eariler, he would have been counted amongst Qin's Six Greeat Generals...
~ Rin Ko on Kan Ki after getting a glimpse of his talnet.
You got any last words, geezer?
~ Kan Ki to Gen Pou of the Four Heavenly Kings
Heh, Strategy? The is hell that? I'm simply doing things that people dislike.
~ Kan Ki to Gen Pou
No thanks. Trash.
~ Kan Ki declining Gen Pou's offer to take him as a student as he beheads him.
Hahahaha! Nothing but second rate everywhere.
~ Kan Ki after taking over and destroying Haku Ki Sai's HQ.
Soldier armor like this rubs me the wrong way. Whether it be Qin or Wei...They're all the same if you ask me.
Y'know, normally in this situation I'd be all for settling things nice and quick with a clean chop. But in this case I do kind of feel sorry for you. After all, you were pushed forward to be a figurehead commander-in-chief in name only, I bet Ren Pa was the one actually pulling all the strings. You probably weren't even given any free rein, and now you're taking responsibility for losing the battle too. It's not good day for you, is it? How 'bout you try begging for your life? If you crawl on the ground and beg me to spare your life, I might consider staying my hand.
~ Kan Ki mocking a captured Haku Ki Sai.
Hahahahah! What a lame old fart. He got his ass kicked in the blink of an eye! Damn Geezer's all talk!!
~ Kan Ki laughing at Chou Tou as his position gets overrun.
Kukuku, You Wei bastards...Don't you think you're going a little overboard with making all these huge ass things?
~ Kan Ki as he destroys one of Go Hou Mei's Siege Towers.
You bastards...Are getting too ahead of yourselves.
~ Kan Ki to Gou Hou Mei
It's not gonna be Hakurou, or you who screwed up and got himself poisoned. Whether or not Kankoku Pass will manage to hold out is all going to come down to my cleverness.
~ Kan Ki to Chou Tou.
Well then...Shall we get started?
~ Kan Ki as he arrives before the surprised Wei Soldiers.
HAHAHA! No need to fret, Rai Do. Everything's going to go just fine.
~ Kan Ki to Rai Do and his soldiers as they ride through the Wei Army's 150,000 soldiers.
Shields Up! Nothing would be more lame than getting sent to next world by a Qin arrow.
Quit Slacking, ya shitty archers! Make sure you aim properly! Gyahahahah!!
~ Kan Ki jokingly roasting Wei Archers.
Don't croak on me just yet, geezer. You still need to grovel before me as part our agreement, remember? Kukuku...Is what I want to say but we don't exactly have that luxury right now.
~ Kan Ki to Chou Tou after he kills Sei Kai.
Tch. What an indecisive old man, Good Grief.
~ Kan Ki on Chou Tou as he stops his body from falling.
Scrape out their eyes and break all their limbs.
~ Kan Ki wanting to torture Rou Ai and the captured Ai Soldiers.
Heh. Now, now. No need to be like that. I'm a former bandit, and you're a former servant, we're like kindred spirits, So let's try to get along.
~ Kan Ki introducing himself to Shin and the commanders of the Hi Shin Unit.
K-Kan Ki...W-what a man...Are you telling me a former brigand like him actually possesses a tactical mind on the same level as Ri Boku-sama!!?
~ Kin Mou on Kan Ki's abilities after he outsmarts and traps Kei Sha into a death trap.
Kukuku! Burn this sight into your eyes as you die, Kei Sha. The view that you see in front of you now...That is what feels like to be the hunted.
Hahahahaha!! Know what? You win. You're actually number one. Of all the Twisted bastards I've met in my life, you are the biggest villain of them all, Shin.

Powers and Abilities

Kan Ki...What a Man...! To sneak into an enemy army disguised as their own like this isn't too rare in itself. Occasionally you would infiltrate them as a small unit of soldiers like this too. And naturally, the bigger the enemy army and the more confused they are, the higher the chances of success. All of this makes perfect sense. However...To have personally decided to undertake this against the combined Wei and Han Army of 150,000 men...What nerves and an eye for strategy. Impossible. Are you telling me this sort of scoundrel really possesses a strength on the same level as the Six Great General!?
~ Chou Tou on Kan Ki's abilities during the 15th day of the Battle of Kankoku Pass.
Kan Ki's Datasheet v2.jpg

Physical Abilities

  • Genius Intellect: With intellect rivaling that of the Warring States' greatest tacticians and strategists, Kan Ki is a supremely impressive genius despite never formally studying strategy as he has never lost a single battle with his unique and unorthodox tactics. This is shown as far back during his days as a bandit leader where he would crash and wipe out any of the local Qin armies sent to kill or subjected him.
  • Strength: WIP
  • Speed: WIP
  • Reflexes: WIP
  • Senses: WIP

Fighting Style

  • Expert Combatant: WIP
  • Master Swordsman: Kan Ki is a proficient swordsman as he instantly beheaded a grown man in a single swing and easily killed a member of Clan Zen Ou, his army's resident berserkers.
  • Master Archer: During the first day of the Battle of Kankoku Pass, Kan Ki demonstrated his ability as an archer after firing a fire arrow with pinpoint accuracy while targeting Go Hou Mei's second siege tower.
  • Leadership: WIP
  • Disguise Mastery: Stating it as one of his best abilities since his bandit days, Kan Ki's ability to infiltrate an enemy's headquarters to kill their general and commanding officers is one of his most unique and uncanny traits as a great general.

Miscellaneous Abilities




  • Kan Ki Army (subordinates)
  • Sa Ki (comrade/subordinate)
  • Rai Do (Right Hand/comrade/subordinate)
  • Koku'Ou (Right Hand/comrade/subordinate)
  • Ma Ron (Left Hand/comrade/subordinate)
  • Ring Gyoku (Right Hand/comrade/subordinate)
  • Ogiko (subordinate)
  • Mou Gou (former leader/patron)
  • Ou Sen (colleague/friend?)
  • Yo Tan Wa
  • Chou Tou (colleague)
  • Ri Shin

Antagonistic Relationships


  • Kan Ki and Donquixote Doflamingo from One Piece share various similarities between each other.
    • Both are well known for their signature smirks and grins.
    • Both are supremely vicious sadists within their respective series.



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