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Villain Overview

Over here, all bets are off. Pillaging, slaughtering, you name it, We do it. No one here is going to hold you back from doing whatever the hell you want. Anything and everything goes, All in the name of victory. Heh, this is a good opportunity for you guys to cast off your old selves. It's time for you folk to learn how grown ups fight in the real world. Hi Shin Unit, I welcome the Kan Ki Army.
~ Kan Ki to the Hi Shin Uni, Kingdom vol 41
How could a bunch of bandits be this good at warfare?!
~ Kai Gou, a General of Zhao on the Kan Ki Army (Kingdom Vol.42 - Chapter 458: Banner of Rigan)
Has doing this for so long caused the three of you to start thinking as if we're a proper army? Reasons...Strategy...Who gives a shit 'bout any of that. Quit your grumbling and just trust in me like you always have. Every one of my actions...are to lead us an absolute victory.
~ Kan Ki to his upper echelon.

The Kan Ki Army is an military based army and organization led by Great General Kan Ki of Qin's Six Great General in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. Originally a powerful bandit gang based out of the southern regions of the state of Qin, they followed their leader, Kan Ki into becoming members of the Qin military and were reorganized as an army under Great General Mou Gou, the Hakurou as one of his two leading forces within his own forces. After the Hakurou passed, they became fully independent and serve as a leading force during the Warring States Era of China. 


Originally a pack of bandits from the southern region mountains of Qin, these bandits became infamous for the unusual ways of guerilla tactics they employed while rampaging across the region. Led by a mysterious young man known as Kan Ki, they were always able to defeat and crush any of the local Qin armies that were sent after them. Because of Kan Ki's taste for cruelty, they became notorious for leaving no survivors as they slaughtered every single citizen down to the children of any cities and villages they had conquered, not even sparring even the soldiers that would surrender.

Members and Status

  • Kan Ki - Leader, Founder, Active.
  • Rai Do - Commander, Active.
  • Koku'ou - Commander, Active.
  • Ma Ron - Commander, Active.
  • Rin Gyoku - Commander, Active.
  • Ogiko - Commander, Active.
  • Sa Ki - Commander, Active.
  • Zen Ou - Commander, Active.

Former Members

  • Na Ki - Transferred.



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