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I absolutely despise you. From the very beginning to the very end. I hate you so much I could vomit.
~ Kanae to Keisuke, in the True Ending Route.

Kanae Hokari (in Japanese: 帆刈 叶) is the main antagonist of the 2011 hentai visual novel Euphoria. She also appears in the anime adaptation.

She was voiced by Tomonaga Maki in the anime adaptation.


Kanae is a petite teenage girl with gray eyes, short black hair with a ribbon in it, and E cup breasts. When she finally reveals her true nature to Takato Keisuke, she wears a white scientist lab coat over her school uniform. In the CGs where she has been killed, she has very visible bags under her eyes, likely from overwork and sleepless nights after kidnapping Nemu.


Throughtout much of the story, Kanae appears to be a sweet, timid, loyal childhood friend to Keisuke who dislikes partaking in the forced-sex-by-proxy games required to escape the SAW-like dungeons. Kanae's true personality is cold, intelligent, and arrogant.

She sees Keisuke and Nemu as no more than lab subjects. She is not only very sadistic, which is masked by her innocent, youthful appearance, but she is also quite perverted, such as when she does ties up and does BDSM on Keisuke against his will.


During Nemu's POV story, it is heavily implied that Kanae's parents are also scientists. Nemu reveals that Mrs. Hokari (supposedly Kanae's mother) was very cruel to her, sheltering Nemu in a cave away from human contact.

Some time after that, Nemu met Keisuke, who took her outside at night and taught her the song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". During the forced-sex-by-proxy games, Kanae made it appear that Nemu was the vicious one and that the former was the kind, innocent one, when in in the real world it was all reversed around. Kanae reveals to Keisuke that Nemu, whose name came from "Nemuri Hime", is a clone, and kidnaps said clone because she sees her as an fascinating specimen.

Three years after the forced-sex-by-proxy games, Kanae is shot by mercenaries who were sent after her, after she kidnapped Nemu. After that she dies from blood loss. Keisuke finally meets Nemu again, who had reverted to her original childlike state.


The Kanae that was always beside you and always so kind wan't real.
~ Kanae
You're as silly as a clown who doesn't even realize he's acting like a clown. It's unsightly.
~ Kanae to Keisuke, in the True Ending Route.
Why... am... I... lying down... here...? Do whatever it takes... to reach the top... of that organization... and laugh but... Dammit... I shouldn't... haahaahhh! Have taken Nemu... I had so many... options... for running away... Why did I...? I'm such... an idiot... ...
~ Kanae's last words before she dies in the True Ending Route.



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