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Kaname Hagiri, code-named Sniper, is a member of the Sensui Seven and a major antagonist in the "Chapter Black" arc of Yu Yu Hakusho.


After Seaman defected from the Seven, Hagiri went to the apartment he was staying at with Yusuke's friends and shoots small dice through the glass window in order to get Team Urameshi to go out and face Sensui into the street. Sensui fires an energy blast at the building, nearly destroying, and uses the distraction to kidnap Kuwabara. Kaname takes the opportunity to flee into an alley and escape on his motorcycle. Kurama pursues Hagiri, but his motorcycle is too fast.

When Yusuke pursues Sensui's truck on a bicycle, Sniper flicks a dice at the back of the bike, causing him to fall off. While the rest of Sensui's gang drives off, Kaname declares a five-hundred meter radius as his territory and imprints targets on Yusuke's heart, arms, and navel. He firsts throw several rocks at Yusuke to show off his power before summoning kitchen utensils and flinging them at him. He then summons a fuel truck but, deciding he's made things too easy on him, pulls out a pistol and shoots the fuel truck, nearly blowing up Yusuke. However, Hiei saves him just in time and evading Kaname's bullets, runs him through with his sword, and defeats him.

Kaname later appears talking with the Doctor, who escaped prison. The doctor notes how Hiei's sword missed all of Kaname's vital organs and speculates Hiei did on purpose. He later finds a dead stray cat with his sister and attempts to find out who killed it. They soon discover that the ones responsible are three of his classmates and Kaname vows to make them pay. Though he left the Sensui Seven, Kaname did not assist with Yusuke and his team. After graduating from high school, Kaname disappears and is not heard from. In the manga, it is mentioned he gave his mother one million yen a few years later.


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