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[[Category:Strategic Villains]]

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Template:Infobox Kang Yeonsak is the main antagonist in the 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen.

He is portrayed by Rick Yune, who also portrays Johnny Tran and Zao.


Kang is a North Korean terrorist leader who masterminds a physical attack on the White House, in the hopes of reunifying Korea by using the U.S. President, Benjamin Asher, as leverage. Kang aims to bring destruction upon the United States of America by detonating its nuclear warheads within their silos, in order to show them the pain and suffering his country has had to endure at the hands of America. Kang and his men pose as security to the South Korean Prime Minister, who is having a meeting with Asher, and once they are inside the White House they quickly take control of the building with their heavy weaponry and the aid of outside forces. Kang kills the South Korean Prime Minister and takes Asher into the bunker of the White House, where he holds him and his staff hostage. However, following the massacre within the White House, a man named Mike Banning (a former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment and one of Asher's ex-security guards) sneaks inside and manages to eliminate several of Kang's armed henchmen. Meanwhile, Kang sends a video feed to the Pentagon and demands that America withdraw the Seventh Fleet and U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula, or he will start killing Asher's staff and eventually Asher himself. The Pentagon are initially reluctant, as Banning phones through to them and reminds them not to negotiate with terrorists, and as a result Kang murders several hostages.

After obtaining the Cerberus codes needed to detonate the nuclear warheads, Kang fakes his and Asher's deaths by pretending to board a helicopter that explodes in mid-air. In reality, he is still in the bunker of the White House and plans to escape unnoticed, taking Asher with him. However, before he can leave, Banning appears and kills Kang's remaining men. Asher attempts to overpower Kang but is shot in the process, though the wound is not fatal. Banning tackles Kang to the ground, and the two of them engage in a brutal, intense and climactic knife fight. Kang easily overpowers Banning, but Banning throttles Kang and uses one of his own knives to stab him through the head, killing him instantly.


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