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Frank Oliver

As a boy growing up in Australia Frank Oliver used to spend his vacations studying Kangaroos. He would live with the Kangaroos, going where they went and eating what they ate. Then he became a boxer but was banned after seriously injuring another.

After this he fled and stowed away aboard a ship bound for America. He was stopped at the border but managed to escape and was living as a fugitive when he held up an armoured car. Unfortunately for the Kangaroo the item he stole was a deadly experimental bacteria but fortunately Spider-Man stopped him in time before the bacteria was accidentally released.

Later he was seen as homeless and living on the streets with no where to go until Jonas Harrow turned up and offered him several augmentations for to help him defeat Spider-Man. Planting a small mental pacemaker Harrow was able to make the Kangaroo do his bidding for him. Harrow then sent him to the Hudson Nuclear Laboratories, in order to steal some Radioactive Isotopes.

Hearing the danger over a police bulletin Spider-Man heads to the Laboratories to find the Kangaroo trying to get into a Radioactive Room. Unable to stop him Spider-Man could only watch in horror as the Kangaroo disintegrated upon entering the Room. In order to shield himself Spider-Man quickly shut the lead door to stop the radiation.

Later Brian Hibbs became the second person to adopt the Kangaroo mantle.

Brian Hibbs

Brian Hibbs (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Ends of the Earth Vol 1 1

The interior decorator Brian Hibbs had a long time desire to become a super-villain, and he was principally inspired by Frank Oliver. After Olvie'rs death, Hibbs spent many years learning skills simillar to his. He then worked for a criminal corporation in Mississipi as the new Kangaroo. His first encounter with Spider-Man resulted in a easy defeat.

After escaping from police custody, Hibbs searched for a rematch with Spider-Man, and lost again. He was freed from prison by Grizzly along other less-respected Spider-Man's foes like Spot and Gibbon to form the Spider-Man Revenge Squad. Although they could defeated Spider-Man, his internal problems led to every one fighting each other, Kangaroo was sent to prison, where he started building up his fighting skills and strength, which he hoped might later give pause to his opponents.

After going to failed treatements seeking for superhuman mutations, Hibbs tried to have a normal life as a professional baseball player under the name of Billy Bob Jenks, but his super-star status was pulled down when his criminal past was revealed, returning to his life of crime. At prison, the stress and exertion made his mutation attempts effective, increasing his size and strength.

Ends of the Earth

After gaining freedom, Hibbs started a superheroic career in Australia. When Doctor Octopus suspiciously offered to world's leaders to revert the Greenhouse Effect by using a giant web of satellites (which could be used also to speed up the warm-up), Spider-Man distrusted him and started a crusade to destroy Octopus' satellite factories and missile launcher facilities along Black Widow and Silver Sable, he asked for help of other heroes around the world such as Kangaroo to destroy the plants nearest to them. When Hibbs entered one facility in Australia, he was ambushed by Lady Deathstrike and presumably killed.


Frank Oliver (Earth-1610) 0002

Frank Oliver is a gang-boss, who takes advantage of the Kingpin's misfortunes to take over territory and rackets. The Kingpin targets the man, utilizing his corrupt policewoman lover Jean De Wolfe. Various heroes confront Oliver; this leads to his arrest by Officer De Wolfe.

Following his release from prison, Kangaroo paid a visit to a former partner of his, looking for his cut of their last deal together. Just as he prepares to kill the man, Oliver is defeated by the new Spider-Man.

Television History

Frank Oliver (Earth-92131)

The Frank Oliver version of Kangaroo had a cameo in the X-Men episode "Sanctuary." He later appeared in "Graduation Day" as a member of Magneto's army.


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