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Kangor is a recurring enemy of Static in the Static Shock animated series. After being exposed to the "Big Bang", Kangor's feet grew in size.

He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


He along with Hyde and Ferret were members of the Ruffpack. They crashed Shaquille O'Neal's party to fight Static when Ferret tracked Static's scent. Shaq along with Static defeated Kangor and his teammates

When the Joker moved his operations to Dakota, he tried to recruit Bang Babies to his gang. Kangor was one of the Bang Babies who chose to join his gang. He tried to convince his old friend Ferret to join as well but he kindly declined the invitation.

The Joker and his gang hijacked fire trucks from the Fire Station to rob Dakota First Bank. Kangor later helped the Joker to set up an ambush for Batman and Robin. When the two were freed, he eagerly tried to fight Batman on his own but he was easily defeated.

He later joined the Meta Breed and helped Shiv and Talon break Ebon from jail. They escaped and hid in the abandoned juvenile hall. Kangor aided in Ebon's plan to capture Virgil Hawkins (under the belief that he was Static) and was defeated by Static and Gear.

After robbing a convenient store with Ferret, Kangor had a quick confrontation with Static before being affected by the cure and turning normal again.


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