Kanon Maldini is a 28 year old man who is an assistant/subordinate to Prime Minister and Second Prince of Britannia, Schneizel el Britannia, as well a Britannian Earl. He is a minor antagonist in Code Geass.

He was voiced by Adam Bobrow.


Kanon is first shown in episode 3 of the second season, when Suzaku enters battlefield among Britannia and EU, then he is shown accompanying Schneizel during the political wedding between Chinese Empress Tianzi and Britannian First Prince Odysseus eu Britannia. From this point, he continues to be at Schneizel's side, and is shown having a friendly relationship with Nina Einstien the Chief of Schneizel's In Vogue Research Team. After Suzaku meets to agree Lelouch alone at the Kururugi Shrine, it is revealed that Kanon have followed Suzaku there along with the Glaston Knights in order to investigate and finally capture Zero. His presence made Lelouch believe Suzaku betrayed him and geassed Gilbert G.P. Guilford to allow Lelouch to escape. 

After the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Kanon and Schneizel arrived at the Black Knights headquarters in order to pick up Second Britannian Princess Cornelia and the two make a truce with them. When the truce was successfully made and the Black Knights agreed to disobey Lelouch, Schneizel then announces his ambition to ascend the throne of Britannia. Kanon notes that he finally made up his mind. He is later shown to be among the faction Britannians who oppose Lelouch and aids the Black Knights. During the Battle above Mt. Fuji he is against Schneizel's descision to arm the F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead to destroy Damocles as a means of killing Lelouch, calling it terrorism, and shocked that Schneizel who abandon his crippled sister, Nunnally vi Britannia. Once Kanon, Diethard and Schneizel was about to escape, Lelouch trapped them and geassed some Damocles Guards to restrain them and prevent their escape. Lelouch then arrived and geassed Schneizel himself, ordering him to obey Zero. When Diethard was going to kill Lelouch, Schneizel shot him which killed Diethard and Kanon was taken to his execution along with the Black Knights and UFN Representatives.

Once Emperor Lelouch was assassinated by Zero as planned, Kanon was released along with the others who was about to face execution.

In the Manga, Kanon was killed by his master; Schneizel el Britannia.


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