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Villain Overview

Kaoru is the central antagonist of the horror manga series Freak Island/Kichikujima and its prequel Offal Island/Zomotsujima. He is the second oldest child of The Family. He is the muscle of his siblings.He is the first member of his family to be introduced and the most prominent.

In Kaoru's Precious Thing, he will be voiced by Natsuki Hanae.


Kaoru was born into the island with his parents Mariko Glaccias and Yoshikazu, being the second born after his sister Mari. Kaoru was born deformed and was bullied by the children of the island. After his father discovered the stones he was empowered, worshiping Zanta Maria and would go on a killing spree. After his mother left, Kaoru remained with his father and sister and during this is where he would meet Alice and mistakes her for his mother. After his mother returns, Kaoru would later have more sisters, Anna and Kanna, as well as his younger brother Satoru. He was also the grandson of Otoki.

Years later, Kaoru would grow up to be a hulking brute and would kill anyone who comes across the island as sacrifices for Zanta Maria. He later meets Ami and begins believing she is Zanta Maria's vessel and that he would fall in love with her, and as such, later attacks the university students. He would use a chainsaw in his adult years. He would later fight Takahisa who was also empowered by the same stone and magic thanks to his grandmother. Later on, he and his family would later fight the Catholic Church, even teaming up with Takahisa and later pursing the Child of Perception along with his relatives. The death of the child has Kaoru use its remains to make food, but its power causes it to revive everyone who died on the island as zombies.

Later, Kaoru and his family capture Higashiyama and tortued him for the book, but Kaoru knew the book was in Alice's hands and went after her on his own. He also had Ami imrpsioned who has developed Stocklom Syndrome for him, and later teams up with Alice to hunt down Uehara and the book. Later After Uehara becomes a witch and alice's death Kaoru enrage attacks uehra but uehara damages his arm and later knocked uncoious.

Other Media

Freak Island in Love/Koisuru Kichikujima

In the spin-off series romantic comedy Freak Island in Love, Kaoru is the younger sister of Mari and is in love with Takahisa. She is far more pleasant here than her main series counterpart.

Kaoru's Precious Things

Kaoru is set to appear in the Freak Island anime short series alongside his family.

Evil Avengers

Kaoru appears in Evil Avengers as Morph's rival.

Power and Abilities

Thanks to the stones and black magic, Kaoru has superhuman strength, speed, and stamina as well as a healing factor. For a weapon, he uses a chainsaw and also a knife and hammer.


  • Kaoru, Mari, and Yoshikazu make a cameo in Pumpkin Night at a party. Also a dog was dressed as Kaoru from the beginning and another person dressed at Kaoru during the flashback of Naoko's disfigerment.
  • Kaoru is possibly inspired by Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, as both wear skin masks (Leatherface wears human skin,while Kaoru wears pig head as his headwear), both uses a chainsaw as their main weapon with knifes and hammers as their secondary wepaons, and both of their families are cannibals.