A-TTEN-TION! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I am Kaptain KRAY-ZEEE.
~ Kaptain Krazee
Let's get craaazyyy.
~ Kaptain Krazee

Kaptain Krazee is the main antagonist  of "Afraid of Clowns" of The Haunting Hour series - which was based on the short story by R.L. Stine but drastically altered for use in the TV series (see Trivia)

He was portrayed by Mike Kovac.


Kaptain Krazee was the leader of a society of clown-like humanoids whom Chris was actually a part of, without Chris' knowledge he was about to become one of these beings on his thirteenth birthday (with his parents trying to warn him but he mistook it for attempts at talking about puberty and thus refused to listen). Kaptain Krazee and his gang took active interest in Chris, stalking him as he grew up and on his thirteenth birthday the time had finally come for him to be welcomed into the clown clan as a whole - to this end Kaptain Krazee seemingly masterminded events so that Chris would arrive at his big top circus, allowing the clowns to use a magic box to finally transform Chris into his true clown self. Kaptain Krazee and the gang then proceeded to follow Chris, who was deeply afraid of clowns, where he panics about his fate - his parents reveal the truth to him as Krazee and his clan happily cheer Chris on, they then proceed to swarn a distressed Chris, with Krazee personally presenting Chris with his new outfit.. welcoming him into the family (whether Chris liked it or not). It is presumed that Chris would remain with Krazee and his clan, learning the ways of being a clown - it is possible Krazee allowed him to live a "normal" life (as his parents did) but only after learning to embrace his clown heritage, which would be a rather nightmarish scenario for Chris (due to his phobia).




  • despite their threatening behaviors and mannerisms the Haunting Hour version of the clowns are actually not evil entities but are simply an alien society that are welcoming Chris into their culture - they just do so in ways that are frightening and illegal to humans (such as stalking and kidnap).
  • the book version of the clowns are purely evil monsters that kill children via molestation, this was obviously removed from the Haunting Hour and hence the dramatic change in tone for the antagonists.
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