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Kaput and Zosky are the villain protagonists of the cartoon show of the same name. The two of them are alien conquerers that travel from planet to planet in hopes of dominating it, but they usually fail.

They actually succeed in the episode "Democracy" where they are able to conquer a planet by getting elected as leaders by making many promises. But when the people actually want them to fulfil their promises they are mobbed and leave the planet only to go on to another.

Their equipment is their spaceship and each has their own laser gun called a "Crisperizer", one red gun for Kaput and a yellow one for Zosky. Both wear black suits and boots. However, they are very different in appearance and personality.

Zosky is tall, has small eyes, thin, has yellow antennae on the top of his head, yellow buttons, and is the smarter one. Of the two he is more of a strategist among the two.

Kaput is short, has red hair, fat, has red buttons, has bigger eyes, and is the less competent of the two. He is more of a man of action.

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