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Kara is an organization in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. They are an organization motivated to get back the vessel that had escaped from them.




  • Ao
  • Garō
  • Ada
  • Bug
  • Garashi Tono
  • Iwa Doctor
  • Victor's Secretary



Main article: Isshiki Ōtsutsuki

Jigen is the current known leader of the Kara organization and strongest member. Calm and collected, Jigen is able to inspire absolute authority over the members of Kara with his power. He is the adoptive father of Kawaki. He has the kāma seal and he managed to give Kawaki the kāma seal making him into a vessel. Kawaki managed to escape from him and he tasks his members with retrieving him. He later on attacks Konoha personally and deals Naruto and Sasuke, the nation's strongest shinobi, a crushing defeat, but the effort forced him to abandon his efforts.


The organization is structured with two groups the inner and the outer.


The inner members of the organization, know more about the plan of the organization and the important agendas to it. Members attend important meetings regarding issues that face their organization with the leader. Members of the inner organization have a dress code and specific tattoos and markings on their face. They are described by Kawaki as being complete monsters in terms of power, though as he and Koji admits, their power is nowhere close to Isshiki's but they are still shown to be extremely powerful. While their power level seems to vary, they are all at the very least well above even the highest level of Jonin, as Victor, who survived the Fourth Shinobi World War and yet was easily killed by Koji, confidently stated he could defeat 2 Jonin and indeed easily fended off Konohamaru and Mugino, both of them being top-level Konohagakure Jonin, Deepa easily defeated Omoi, a Jonin veteran of the Fourth Shinobi World War, and a group of Jonin, and outclassed Team 7 and even Team Shinki and Team 10 without much effort, Delta stood up to a holding back Naruto himself while managing to at times gain on him before being overpowered, Koji easily defeated Konohamaru and Boro could casually fight off Team 7 and Kawaki and ultimately only being defeated by the emergence of Momoshiki from Boruto. In fact, Boro and Code are even confident they could retrieve Kawaki from Naruto.


The outer members are not guaranteed too much information as their inner members. They do not appear during the important meetings for the organization. They are instructed by the inner members to carry out missions for them.

The Vessel

Main article: Kawaki

Kawaki is the vessel that the organization refers to. Kawaki was bio-engineered by the organization and given the Kāma seal that gives him a lot of power. However, Kawaki escaped from the organization because of the abuse he suffered from them. He fought against Garō and killed him but ended up using too much power and got taken away by the Hidden Leaf Ninjas. He wants to get rid of the kāma seal.



The organization was founded by Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, who after being betrayed and badly injured by Kaguya, took possession of a mortal monk named Jigen and established Kara, consisting of a group of higher-ups named Inner and lesser subordinates called Outers. According to Isshiki, he persuaded the Inners of Kara to join him by promises of fulfilling their wishes with the Chakra Fruit. With Kaguya lost, Isshiki could only feed himself to the Ten-Tails to have it bloom into the God Tree, as there were no other Ōtsutsuki to sacrifice, despite the Chakra Fruit being inferior due to his body being so critically and irreparably damaged by Kaguya and his vessel of Jigen being incompatible with the Kāma.

By the time the Fourth Great Ninja War ended, Kara's name began to emerge in some parts of many ninja nations. They became infamous for using cursed seals and the seals that are not cursed as well. Isshiki adopted Kawaki to be his son but later attempted to the kāma seal on other boys but they all died. Kawaki was able to survive receiving the kāma seal and becoming Isshiki's "vessel". A huge amount of Kara's attention were then turned to develop Kawaki and increase the rate of cultivation of the God Tree, with Isshiki training Kawaki fiercely and the other Inners joining his efforts.

Acquirement of Scientific Ninja Tools

At some point, Isshiki seemingly ordered Koji Kashin to steal information from Katasuke Tono over Scientific Ninja Tools so Amado, an even greater scientist than Katasuke, could modify and expand the designs for their own. This subsequently allowed Kara to experience a massive growth in strength and both the Inners and Kawaki were modified by fearsome Shinobi Ware. After Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki's invasion of the Hidden Leaf Village and his abduction of Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage, the Kara organization was wary of Momoshiki and his intentions. Members of the organization presume that Naruto defeated Momoshiki. Unbeknownst to them, it was Boruto who defeated Momoshiki.

Victor and Deepa's Scheme

After Konoha learned of Kara's existence, they went to Amegakure to find trails of what seemed to be Kara's headquarters. Unfortunately, all that was left was an abandoned facility and though Garashi Tono was able to destroy the base to prevent too much information from being leaked out, it cost Tono his live and Konoha still confirmed Kara's existence and that Kara appeared to be interested in scientific experiments. Isshiki subsequently summoned the Inners and expressed his irritation that they had to lose a subordinate over an abandoned facility instead of having just gotten rid of it before closing the matter.

Unbeknownst to Isshiki, Deepa and Victor planned to create a God Tree of their own and use it for their purposes, Victor to gain eternal life and Deepa to simply taste the fruit. They used Kara's resources without permission from Isshiki but despite managing to in fact cultivate a God Tree created by Hashirama's cells, their plans fell short from succeeding with the interference of Konoha again, Team 7 and Mugino, after their initial failure and defeat by Deepa and Victor, managing to infiltrate Victor's company, expose him, and ultimately destroy the God Tree and kill Victor with help from Orochimaru.

This defeat was a severe blow to Victor and clearly impacted Kara as well, with Victor's company, a huge resource of money, gone and one of their most powerful members defeated and rogue and two Outers killed. Victor falsified evidence that put all the blame on Deepa to defend himself from Isshiki. Despite Isshiki clearly not being convinced, he let Victor off with a warning and made it clear he won't tolerate another such attempts.

The Vessel's Escape

When the vessel had reached Phase 3, Isshiki had Amado prepare Kawaki for a test. Victor tried to use this opportunity to get Kawaki but Amado and Koji ended up ruining Victor's plans by sabotaging it, as they had decided to betray Kara. Isshiki then orders Koji to retrieve it but beforehand he orders Koji to kill Victor, having found out that he was responsible from Deepa's revived head, which was subsequently destroyed.

In an attempt to finding and retrieving the vessel, two outer members, Ao and Garō died in the process. The vessel, Kawaki was left unconscious after using up his powers against Garō and was taken by the Leaf ninjas. Koji tells Delta that it was okay that the Leaf ninjas took Kawaki.

First Attempt at Retrieving the Vessel

A couple days later, Koji and Delta appeared at the entrance to the Hidden Leaf Village. Koji tells Delta that the villages defenses dropped since the last world war and that people matching chakra signatures can get into the village. Koji infiltrates the village to find Kawaki and also evades Delta's surveillance of him. Koji was able to locate Kawaki at Naruto's house. After some time, Delta manages to infiltrate the Hidden Leaf Village setting off security because of her unrecognizable chakra. She confronts Naruto, Boruto, Himawari, and Kawaki and tells Naruto she wants Kawaki. Naruto refuses to give him to her and they fought. As the battle ensues, Kawaki intercepts a laser beam attack from Delta and manages to lose a piece of his arm as a result. As the fight rages, Delta ends up getting defeated by Naruto. Before Naruto can retrieve her to gather information, she self-destructs in an explosion. Unknown to Naruto and the others, Delta is revived later with the help of the drone that witnessed the entire battle. After throwing a tantrum, Delta tells Isshiki that she notices that Boruto Uzumaki has the kama seal, much to the pleasant surprise of Isshiki, who decided to make Boruto as the sacrifice to the Ten Tails instead, as a healthy Otsutsuki would be able to produce a higher level chakra fruit than his dying sacrifice.

Jigen's Meeting and Victory Against Naruto and Sasuke

After quite a while, Isshiki personally decides to retrieve Kawaki and teleports to Konoha, resulting in him and Naruto finally meeting. After Isshiki easily defeated Naruto, he tries in vain to get Kawaki to come back, accidentally causing Kawaki to progress kama to the point he grew a horn just like Isshiki could force Jigen to take on more of his power, astonishing Isshiki with his growth. Soon, Naruto recovers and the altercation between them quickly escalates into Naruto being overtaken and sent to another dimension after he refused Kawaki's surrender. Even after Sasuke came, Isshiki displayed his overwhelmingly god levels of might and after a prolonged battle, once he was stalemated by Naruto and Sasuke, he used his full power to decisively overpower and critically injure them, sending Sasuke into escaping and sealing Naruto because he contains the Nine-Tails and possibly to use Naruto as a hostage but the battle heavily weakened Jigen's body, ultimately ceasing his efforts to retrieve Kawaki and forcing Isshiki to have Jigen's body treated by Amado for extensively using his powers, while Boro is sent to guard the container from anyone who attempts to take it.

Rescuing Naruto from Kara

Kawaki, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki appears in the dimension where Naruto and Sasuke fought against Jigen. While in the dimension they encounter Boro who guards the container where Naruto is sealed in. Boro was pleased that both Boruto and Kawaki had came before him as he could take both vessels back to Kara and he fought against them all. Although his overwhelming power and unique abilities allowed him to maintain the upper hand over Team 7, Team 7 gradually managed to counter his disposal, first negating his Dark Cloud with antibodies Mitsuki managed to get from Boro's blood and in time figuring out how to negate his insane healing powers by destroying his core, which Sarada did successfully. Boro was left mutating as Team 7 freed Naruto and though he attacked them again and defeated them all, Boruto, possessed by Momoshiki, was able to effortlessly destroy him.

Amado and Kashin Koji's betrayal and Isshiki's reincarnation and permanent death

With Jigen now critically weakened, Koji returned to the base intent on killing him and Amado was revealed to be a conspirator of Koji and after getting rid of Delta, Amado was sent to Konoha seeking asylum in exchange for information while Koji went to battle Isshiki. In process, Amado revealed all of Isshiki's plans while Koji battled and killed Jigen, forcing Isshiki into an imperfect reincarnation. Unfortunately, now that Isshiki was at full power, he far exceeded Koji's capabilities and swiftly defeated and left Koji unable to fight, forcing him to leave, before attacking Konoha, which Amado had already suspected, knowing that Isshiki would not remain idle with his lifespan gradually disappearing. With Konoha evacuated, Boruto teleports Isshiki out of Konoha for him, Naruto and Sasuke to fight against, knowing that their fight will destroy the village and as Sasuke stated it still won't guarantee victory considering how powerful Isshiki is and how he defeated him and Naruto before even achieving that level of power. Isshiki then decided to change his plans by instead defeating and presenting Naruto and Sasuke's corpses to the village to make them lose hope and surrender Kawaki. During the resulting rematch, Isshiki once again managed to gain the upper hand despite a valiant and much more impressive coordinative effort from Naruto and Sasuke with access to more of his abilities to seperate them. Naruto, outmatched, activated Baryon Mode to overpower Isshiki, draining his lifespan, only for Isshiki to connect to Kawaki and teleport him there using his connection to Naruto's chakra. However, Kawaki was eventually able to defeat Isshiki for good by tricking him with a Shadow Clone.

Code's revenge

However, even in death, Isshiki's spirit remained determined to carry out the will of the Otsutsuki and he used the White Kama placed on Code to manifest before him and told him to feed either Kawaki or Boruto to the Ten Tails and become a new Otsutsuki, giving him all his power to make Code his legacy. As such, Kara is still not fully defeated, with Code set to become the new leader of Kara in Isshiki's place.



  • Kara's name translates to "husk" in English.
  • Kawaki stated that the members of Kara have been extensively modified by Amado with Shinobi Ware.
    • Out of them all, so far Kawaki, Delta, Boro, Ao and Garō have revealed theirs, although Kashin Koji is also confirmed to have been modified, as he openly stated after Amado took down Delta with a shutdown code that he too may have the same modifications. Whatever modifications the only remaining two known members, Code and Jigen, have is unknown: Though Jigen is compatible with Amado's technology, able to use it to restore his depleted chakra, Koji did not bother to ask Amado if he could use the same shutdown code he used on Delta so killing Jigen would be easier, indicating Jigen may not have been modified by Amado.


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