Karaba is the (former) main antagonist of the 1998 traditional animation feature film Kirikou and the Sorceress.


She is a witch who was supposed to kill men by eating them. This rumor began just before Kirikou was born so she scared all women children and men.

After Kirikou is born he did not believed the rumor about her and why she is evil. Despite the rumor being a lie, it was revealed she made men her slaves.

This is was proven after Kirikou went to his grandfather who was the father of his father. Because she was transformed into a witch because of a magic splinter when a mob of man put in her back after capturing her. Kirikou who now know the truth later jump on Karaba back and pull out the splinter and freed her from her curse. Kirikou who was in love with her wanted to marry her. But she refuse same if she was not a witch anymore she refuse to be married to someone because she doesn't want to be his slave wife. Kirikou told if she want to kiss him she accept and he grow up front of her and accept to be his wife. When they return to the village people was scare again and tries to chase them. But when they discover Kirikou tries to protect Karaba a mob of women and their childs wanted to kill her. but Kirikou grandfather revealed Kirikou told them the truth she was not killing man she only make them her slave objects. At the end of the movie afters all of the man return to their family and turn to their true forms Kirikou and Karaba hug each other.

Karaba after having the splinter removed


  • In the game Bayonetta, the description of the Gaze of Despair gauntlets mentions a witch named Karaba, which was brutally murdered by angels after being forced into such gauntlets. This story has a certain similarity to the movie's story, since in both, a woman named Karaba has something forced on her causing her to suffer.
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