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~ The Karate Master

The Karate Master is the titular main antagonist of Klay World: Karate Master. He is an unnamed Klayman who trained karate, but soon later abuses his power by becoming a killing machine.

He was voiced by Robert Benfer.


He appears to be an avenge Klayman, only wearing a black belt.


He appears to be depraved student who abuses his karate skills very quickly after becoming a karate master. Although he was probably was incompetent and dimwitted like any other Klayman.



Nothing is known about The Karate Master's life, other than at some point, he became a karate student for unknown reasons, but he was possibly incompetent and dimwitted like any other Klaymen.

Karate Master

The video starts off with the Karate Master telling his student that his training was complete and he is now a master of karate. While he warns him to take great responsibility to use his skills ethically, the Karate Master responds by punching his teacher's head and killing him.

The Karate Master then begins to start his rampaging through Klay World. After managing to beat and kill six bystanders to death, the Red Master appears and confronts the Karate Master, challenging him to a battle. The Karate Master launches at the Red Master with a flying kick. This causes both the Karate Master and Red Master to tear both of them apart in impact, managing to seven people.





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