Karen Knight (1960-2015) was murdered in The Sting of Death (Case #58 of Pacific Bay). Prior to that, she was suspected of murder four times.


Role in Case(s)

Karen was discovered dead with scorpions moving over her body shortly after she took Amy and the player prisoners to one of Meteor Systems' laboratories in the Wastes. After finishing her autopsy, Roxie Sparks deduced Karen was killed by multiple scorpion stings—filing the scorpions as the murder weapon. Roxie also found traces of hair in Karen's eye sockets, which were left by the killer after removing her eyes. A subsequent study revealed the hair came from a cat, which meant the killer has a cat.

In a surprising turn of events, the killer turned out to be the embattered businessperson of Grimsborough, Alden Greene.

Alden felt that the player did a good job making him a sloppy killer as usual, yet thinking Karen had no foresight of the future whatsoever. Amy did not care about Alden's feelings―all she wanted from Alden was information as to why he wanted to destroy Pacific Bay, in which he was given a promise in return for destroying Pacific Bay. Amy hated Alden's vagueness, so she demanded straight answers from Alden once and for all, but Alden did not care at all since he believed the entire city will die sooner or later. Frank Knight shot Alden down with a gun, cutting him off mid-sentence. Amy hated what Frank did, and because of what happened, she would not know as to why Alden killed Karen at all.

Hours after Alden was shot to death, Frank had to tell Amy and the player about his family, his drinking problems, his treasonry, and more.

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