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Call me LUPO: Delta Team squad leader.
~ Karena LesProux's introduction.

Karena LesProux, also known as LUPO, is one of the main protagonists of Resident Evil spin-off Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

She was voiced by Nika Futterman, who also played Khan Maykr in Doom Eternal, and Vendra Prog in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus.



LesProux raised her family on her own after retiring her position in French Special Forces, she was married to a violent man, whom she later killed when she saw her children being abused.

After she was acquitted of murder by a sympathetic judge, LesProux tried to raise her children as a single mother, a task she proved incapable of carrying out. Despite her efforts to assimilate into a civilian environment, LesProux's instincts as a soldier remained deeply embedded in her nature. Thus, she returned to work as a mercenary, selling her services to the highest bidder in order to take care of her children.

Prior to the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City, LesProux was recruited by the Umbrella Corporation to serve as the leader of the newly constituted U.S.S. Delta Team, informally known as "Wolfpack." Under the codename "Lupo," or "wolf" in Italian, she serves as an expert in assault tactics and weapons use, as well as the team leader.

Beginning of the Outbreak

Wolfpack was sent to aid HUNK's U.S.S. Alpha Team in infiltrating a Umbrella facility beneath Raccoon City, their objective is to retrieve a sample of G-Virus from Dr. William Birkin, who planned to sell it to the US Government. LUPO and her team fight the U.B.C.S. soldiers and military escorts during their way to Birkin. However Birkin injected the virus himself and mutated, slaughtered Alpha Team in no time, LUPO with her team was told by HUNK to evacuate while he gets the sample himself.

Encounter with Nicholai

After getting out to the underground passages of Raccoon City Hall, LUPO and her team was ordered to eradicate the evidence in there, during their way up there, they met U.B.C.S soldier Nicholai Ginovaef, whom later caught betraying his teammates through security cameras. Despite succeeded in destroying the evidence, Nicholai ambushed them with Lickers. Wolfpack managed to fight their way out, and LUPO led her team to Raccoon General Hospital for rendezvous, but they're once again thwarted by Nicholai and his traps. Nicholai, now in the possession of EMP charges, blew the hospital up with rigged charges before retreats to the park, Wolfpack escaped and retrieved two charges, with the last one on Nicholai. Wolfpack successfully retrieved the final charge with Nicholai running away, also destroying the generators.


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