Mary Brown (Earth-616)

Mary Brown was a mousy chemical engineer that worked for a company called Gaylord Cosmetics, who invented a cosmetic based on a radioactive isotope that had the power to enslave men. After using her power on her dismissive bosses, she enslaved various men and had them start robbing banks and armored cars on her behalf, calling herself Karisma. When the hero the Thing tried to stop her, she also enslaved him. The Thing's teammate the then Invisible Girl came to investigate, and Karisma made the Thing fight her. The Invisible Girl deducted that Karisma's minions had to see her for her power to work, so she turned her head invisible. Karisma's minions were released from her thrall and she was taken into police custody.

Later, Karisma appeared as a member of Superia's all-female army of supervillains, the Femizons, and participated in their attack on the heroes Captain America and Paladin, when the two men were found to be spying on the group.

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