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Karl with his bird Arma


Law of Talos Round 1 Karl vs Mizuno

The first round.

Karl is an animated statue from the fictional amusement park, "Castle of Nations". He runs on magical energy from the Castle, who is also in the Castle of Nations. His creator, Unknown-Person, created flashes on deviantART, depicting Karl in a OCT (Original Character Tournament) called "Law of Talos". His raven, Arma, who is made out of the same material Karl is, and has the ability to shapeshift into various weapons of Karl's choice, and the ability to mend Karl when a part of his body is broken.


Law of Talos Round 2 Karl vs. Steffi

The second round.

Karl entered the tournament because the winner gets a free wish, so, he planned to wish for an infinite energy source, so that he could be able to never run out of energy. As fights pass, he keeps losing energy. 

That "same mistake" mentioned in the second round and in the final round, is the mistake of wasting the energy.

During the rounds, he is also shown to be a liar, and a psychopathic murderer.

In the final round, he made the same mistake again and was struck in the side of the head by Annie, therefore, concluding his tale.

In the end, he never won or got the energy source as he planned to.


Law of Talos Round 3 Reuploaded

The third round.


Law Of Talos - Round 4 Karl VS Chimbley Sweep-0

The fourth round.

In Round 3, he gives Rellik a question, "How long do you think she'll be your friend?


Law of Talos- Final round! Karl Vs professor Ginger and Annie

The Final round, the first and second part.

As long as it's convenient. That's how humans are, and you're wasting your time and effort trying to help her when you could be free." That statement gives us the idea that he think every human is like this based on what he thinks the red-headed woman, or Rachel did.

As the time goes on, you may notice that images of a red-headed woman flash by. The woman in question is even mentioned in Round 3. Many have speculated that that woman is Karl's dead girlfriend. In Round 5, Karl vs Professor Part 1 of 2, you can see images of a man with a gun, the red-headed woman in shock, and Karl with an eyepatch where his scar is looking completely saddened and shocked as well. But, no one knows about his past for sure, so it is up to speculation of what happened in his past. In the end, we might never know for sure what happened in his past.

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