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The show must go on.
~ Karl

Karl is the secondary antagonist of the 2019 film The Banana Splits Movie, based on the 1968-1970 television series. He is a crazed worker of Taft Studios and is responsible for the creation of The Banana Splits who go on a killing spree after learning about the show's cancellation.

He was portrayed by Lionel Newton.


Karl is first seen repairing dismantled parts when his creations, The Banana Splits, get out of the Banana Buggy and arrive in the parts and services room. He tells Drooper to get in the telephone booth for new updates while the other three go on stage when their show must go on.

After the Banana Splits acknowledged the show's cancellation, they torture their creator by cutting off his two fingers and spare his life to do their bidding, and Karl fearfully accepts. When Harley, Zoe, and Parker are locked up in a cell, they meet Karl who reveals himself to be their creator and tells the kids that his creations are justifying murderous crimes for their show's cancellation, and then Karl tries to free the children. However, Drooper brings Bingo to his creator for repair, and Karl drops the keys and goes over to Bingo to fix him. The children get out of the cell with the keys he dropped and lock Karl in his own cell while fleeing.

Meanwhile, Beth, Austin, Paige, and Rebecca arrive and ask Karl how to stop the Banana Splits, but Karl doesn't provide information that the show must go on. When the music is coming down from the underground, the others head down the hatch while Poppy notices the mask of an unused fifth Banana Split named "Hooty". Losing her sanity, Poppy puts on the costume and kills Karl as revenge for Thadd's death.


  • In the post credits, Karl's broken fingers are seen on the ground with a scavenging rat.


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