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If Marley strengthens its powers to take away the Founding Titan, it will be accepted. If Marley wants to bring about the extinction of the Eldians, it will be accepted. Eldia's sin is heavy. It can't be atoned for. To begin with, Eldians and Titans... shouldn't have existed. We'll correct what went wrong. But until the retaliation, I want to enjoy the paradise for a little while, where there is no dispute within the walls. Please forgive me for it.
~ Willy Tybur quotes Karl Fritz.

Karl Fritz, the 145th King, also simply referred as King Fritz and later as King Reiss, was the first King of the Wall nation and the 145th King of Eldia, before Marley took back the continent.

He was an Eldian King who, unlike his ancestor (the true villain of the series), was said to have disliked Eldia's imperialism and wanted to end it's opression over the nation of Marley. He eventually suceeded and brought peace between the two nations by ending the Titan War and taking part of the Eldians to Paradis where he built the Walls. But this peace came at a price, as most of those Eldian's memories were erased in the process. He was born as a Fritz of the royal family and later he made his new kingdom and changed his name with Reiss, while the other Fritz members that had not fled with the others remained in the continent of Eldia and lost to Marley during the Great Titan War. The royal Eldian family became split in two and the last member of the side from the continent was Dina Fritz, while the current only living member of the side from Paradis is Historia Reiss.


Over 100 years ago, Humanity was at the brink of destruction. A Shifter known as the First Reiss King emerged, with the mysterious power of Coordination. Instead of destroying the Titans, the First King dreamed of a world in which mankind was ruled by them. He created the Walls, then created the Reiss Bloodline of Kings. The First King then eliminated anyone's knowledge of these events, in the hope of creating his perfect utopia.

The only people immune to his mental manipulation were the Ackerman and Asian Clans. This lead to centuries of persecution to both groups, as both were nearly on the brink of extinction.

Eventually, Willy Tybur reveals that the First King of the Walls, Karl Fritz, actually allied himself with Marley because he pitied them. Together with the Tybur family, he invented the hero Helos who started the Great Titan War. Karl Fritz felt that the Eldians deserved punishment for their inhumane treatment of the Marleyans and thus banished himself and a small part of his subjects to Paradis, leaving the rest on the mainland for Marley to do as they please. By retreating to Paradis, Karl Fritz willingly brought an end to the centuries-long reign of the Eldian Empire. He was also under the impression that Eldia could never make up for what they had done and accordingly, felt that Marley would be in the right to eliminate all Eldia, should they choose to. However, he asked for Marley to wait with their retribution for some time, wanting to enjoy the peace of Paradis.


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