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Villain Overview

Lycans and gentlemen, we thank you for waiting! And now let the games begin! Let's see what you're really made of, Ethan Winters. Get ready!
~ Heisenberg to Ethan.
You're like a goddamn cockroach! You think you can take me on? Fine, this will be my warm-up before I kill that bitch. Let's settle this, mano a mano. Your corpse will be another addition to my army!
~ The transformed Heisenberg right before the boss fight.
Now die like the world's watching you! Here we go Ethan, the final stretch! Well, what do you think? It's hopeless, right? Just give up. Flesh and blood will never win against me! This isn't David and Goliath. It's Ethan and a bloody demise, haha!
~ Heisenberg cockily assuming that he's already won.

Lord Karl Heisenberg is the secondary antagonist of the 2021 first person horror video game Resident Evil Village. He is one of the four lords along with Alcina Dimitrescu, Salvatore Moreau, and Donna Beneviento who serves under Mother Miranda in the Romanian village. He is considered to be the most intelligent and most dangerous of the four lords. He runs his factory known as Heisenberg's Factory, where he creates his Soldats from human parts and machinery.

He was voiced by Hiroshi Shirokuma in Japanese and Neil Newborn in English, the latter having also voiced Nicholai Ginovaef in the Resident Evil 3 remake and Gavin Reed in Detroit: Become Human.



Not much is known about Karl Heisenberg's past, but he was kidnapped by Miranda, a biologist who used the Cadou parasite to find a perfect vessel for her late daughter Eva. Heisenberg had a strong bond with the parasite, as he easily adapted and showed no mental drawbacks from it. Miranda considered Heisenberg a splendid specimen, however she deemed him unworthy to be Eva's vessel for reasons uncertain, but it's possible that she feared his powers, or wanted Eva to have a female body.

She decided to have him become a member of the Four Houses, a group where he acted as a lord and co-ruler of the village alongside Alcina Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau. Unlike the other lords, Karl held a grudge against Miranda, seeing as they were failed experiments for her selfish desire to resurrect her late daughter. He also saw the other lords as fools, due to their loyalty to Mother Miranda, and would often clash with Alcina the most.

Heisenberg decided to secretly rebel against Mother Miranda, and worked at his factory to create an army so he could successfully do so. He stayed at his factory and is cited to rarely leave it, possibly due to him wanting to create his army to perfection so he could battle against Miranda. Karl would create Soldats, which were human corpses that were mutated by the Cadou parasite, and given mechanical modifications. Using Lycans, Heisenberg would have his Soldats tested, and managed to get them to kill three Lycans in mere minutes. His most notable Soldat is Sturm, giving it a turbo plane engine as its primary weapon instead of drills like the others.

Karl considered Sturm to be a complete failure, due to the latter being unable to control as plane engines that cut off its arms. Despite the setbacks, Heisenberg decided to keep the machine alive, possibly to further improve Sturm or because he wanted to continue building his army. Additionally, Karl would have other undead creatures in the factory, having them working with a mechanical device placed on their heads.

Resident Evil Village

By 2017-2020, Mother Miranda learned that Eveline, a bioweapon that had some of Eva's DNA, was defeated by Ethan Winters, who was infected with the mold. Ethan would have a child with his wife Mia named Rosemary, who had been passed with the mold and could be a perfect vessel for Eva. Mother Miranda decided to capture the child from the Winters, and brought the child into parts and gave Karl her torso in a flask. Heisenberg would leave his factory upon Mother Miranda's return, and encountered Ethan trying to enter the Dimitrescu castle through a chamber. Karl captured him via scrap metal by the using his magnetism, and brought him before Mother Miranda and the other lords. During the meeting, Karl implored Miranda to hand him over Ethan, and won out before getting into an argument with Alcina over "mother's" decision. Heisenberg then had Ethan put on a show, having go through the mines from Lycans and death traps.

After putting on a show, Heisenberg returned to his factory and continued to work on his plans while Ethan eliminated Alcina, Donna, and Salvatore. Karl contacted Ethan via television, telling Winters to go to a specific area to his piece of Rose and come to his factory after doing so. When Ethan came to his factory, Heisenberg spoke to Winters, telling him that Mother Miranda was planning on him to kill all of the lords to make Ethan her enforcer. Additionally, Heisenberg told Winters that they could work together to kill Miranda by using Rosemary's powers, but Ethan refused. Angered, Heisenberg dropped Ethan to the depths of his factory, allowing him to deal with Sturm and his Soldats. Karl would be heard through the speakers of his factory, telling Ethan of his plans of killing Miranda and gaining Rose's powers after fulfilling his plans.

Ethan would manage to escape the factory after dealing with Soldats and destroying Sturm, and came across Heisenberg, who transformed to deal with Winters for good. The two battled in the field of the factory, Ethan using Heisenberg's own Self-Propelled Artillery vehicle to match his mutated form, but Karl was distracted when his factory was destroyed by Chris Redfield's explosions. Angered at the loss of his army, Heisenberg created a whirlwind of metal in a last ditch effort to kill Ethan. Despite his attempts, Heisenberg was killed, screaming that he had to kill Miranda before exploding into blood and metal. Upon his death, Mother Miranda confronted Ethan, congratulating him for eliminating the four lords so the ceremony could commence. Winters would go on to stop Mother Miranda and rescue his daughter, but sacrificed himself to destroy the megamycte and the mold parasite. Despite being enemies, Ethan fulfilled Heisenberg's goal of killing Miranda for revenge.


Heisenberg has a mustache and a beard and is often seen smoking a cigar. He wears a long tattered coat with boots and a fedora hat. His weapon of choice is his huge custom-made hammer assembled from different mechanisms that he sometimes carries around with him. He also wears old-fashioned sunglasses.

Once transformed, he assumes many forms thanks to his magnetic powers and an abundance of metal on the battle arena, but mainly stays as a tall robot-looking creature with elongated "neck", two long arms and caterpillars that he rides upon.


Oh Ethan, such a disappointment. I thought we could join forces against that bitch Miranda. Truly, truly disappointing. She took me. Took us. To be her children. She locked us away in the village. Decades of being forced to serve her. Can you even understand that humiliation? I'm not like my siblings. I want nothing more than to be free of that bitch. So I need power. Enough power to destroy her. These are the fruits of my power. The strong will destroy the weak. That's the way of the world. You should have never refused me, Ethan.
~ Karl talking to Ethan through the speakers while he explores the factory.

Heisenberg is a clever and manipulative individual who toys with Ethan throughout the game. Unlike other lords, he recognized that the Mother didn't have any genuine empathy towards her "children" and was only treating them as her servants and lab rats. He is also the only Lord to be against and despise Miranda because of her intent to revive her daughter and he sees Miranda's family as nothing more than experiments. Because of this, he is starting a rebellion secretly and also tried to persuade Ethan Winters to join him.

In spite of his intelligence, Karl is a confrontational and hot-headed man prone to poor impulse control, name-calling and melodramatic behaviour, which can be gathered from his commentary on Ethan's "obstacle course" in the beginning and his speech in general, which often impedes his ability to sustain relationships with the others and is the ultimate reason behind Ethan's refusal to support him, since, while he was engrossed in his emotional rant, Karl quickly revealed his intentions of using Rose as a weapon against Miranda.

Heisenberg and Dimitrescu often don't get along with each other as Dimitrescu called him a child as shown when Heisenberg captured Ethan and both he and Dimitrescu were arguing on who gets to kill Ethan. Heisenberg also said that Dimitrescu has a big ego, which makes him a hypocrite, considering his own narcissism. Heisenberg gets enraged when other people tend to foil his plans as noted when Heisenberg when mutated told Ethan that he should have joined him and also called Chris Redfield a "boulder-punching asshole", referring to an infamous scene from Resident Evil 5, which means that he is somehow aware of Chris' mission in Africa.

Despite being sadistic and ruthless, unlike the other four lords, Heisenberg respects Ethan and is even impressed when Ethan escaped all of his traps. However, once Ethan refuses to aid him in his plan, Karl's attitude almost immediately changes to cold and hostile, as he tosses Ethan into the hole, leaving him at the mercy of one of his creations, though right before pushing the protagonist, he still presents him with one last chance to accept his offer.

He takes great pride in his "Soldat" units, seeing them as a proof of his superiority over others (even though their design is far from perfect), and has a rather darwinistic outlook on life, believing that "the strong will destroy the weak". Remarkably, Karl is so fixated on killing Miranda not only out of his desire to be free of her influence, but also out of simple grudge that he holds against her for using him as a guinea pig in her experiments. Not only does he not lose this goal after undergoing a radical transformation, but is also the only one of the lords to retain his sanity and intelligence upon mutation, with his arrogance, talkativeness and overconfidence being still in tact.

Powers and Abilities

Karl is a brilliant engineer, being able to build a vast underground factory full of complicated technology for fast and efficient production of his cybernetic soldiers, however his genius mind is not without flaws, considering most of his creations, though inhumanly strong and durable, are rather cumbersome and have obvious weak spots, but the sheer scale of their manufacturing and intelligence (some of them are capable to covering their weak points with their drills) is impressive.

Other than this regenerative powers from the Cadous, Heisenberg also has electric organs similar to an electric ray, that allow him to control magnetic fields and move metallic objects. This is shown when Heisenberg was arguing with Alcina Dimitrescu and he was able to get his hammer by just bringing out his hand. He's capable of precise throwing of various metallic pieces as well and, at one point, he fully encased Ethan in a "capsule" consisting of rusty metal parts by mentally manipulating the objects to stick to the protagonist.

He can also transform by stretching his body apart and spreading his biomass through a large mechanical apparatus he assembled and can become a machine mutant so powerful that he can only be defeated using a special metal/polymer tank that Karl cannot manipulate. In his mutated state, he possesses a large circular saw capable of slashing through solid metal, can ram his heavy metal body into Ethan's vehicle at high speed and is able to block the protagonist's attacks with wide metal sheets. Further into the battle, he regenerates his mass by drawing more scrap to himself and even grows a long metallic claw to grab Ethan's vehicle with. In the end, his decision to assemble himself into a gargantuan rotating fan proves fatal for him, since it allows Ethan to fire a cannon right into his core, obliterating Karl for good.


Medical log. Revitalization surgery. This is my... eighteenth attempt. Subject is Oskar the stable boy, twenty years old. He fell down the well while drunk. Body's in good condition. Chest incision complete, now to remove the heart and vital organs, and implant the control device. Excellent. Cadou has begun adhering to the nervous system. It's progressing even faster than before. It seems upping the ratio of meta-albumin in the artificial blood was the right choice. Now to pass a current through the brain stem using 6600V. Come on... it has to work this time. Yes... Yes! Hahaha! Wonderful! My creation! At last! I'll get that bitch yet! Hahaha! ...ending recording.
~ Karl's medical audiolog that documents his successful attempt at creating a functional "Soldat" unit.
You mean... You mean- Y-You mean...? Both of you, shut the f*** up!
~ Karl Heisenberg to Angie and Salvatore Moreau during a meeting with the Four Lords.
You mean you'll screw around with him in private, and where's the fun in that? Give him to me and I can put on a show that everyone can enjoy. [...] Yack, yack. And if a man gets his d*** cut off in castle- Blah, blah, blah!
~ Karl Heisenberg to Alcina Dimitrescu.
Shut your damn hole and don't be a sore loser! Go find your food somewhere else. [...] I'm the child? You're the one who's arguing with Miranda's decision! [...] Oh, keep growing, one day your head might actually fit your ego!
~ Karl Heisenberg during a heated-up argument with Alcina Dimitrescu.
I said sit! [...] Lady super-sized bitch... Ugly-ass psycho doll... And a moronic freak. Don't you get it? It's a test, to see if you're strong enough... To be apart of Miranda's family. [...] Neither did I! but here we are. And I'm next in line, right? Kill me, move up the chain! Well, f*** that!
~ Karl Heisenberg to Ethan Winters.
So do I! Do you have any idea how powerful that kid is? Even Miranda's scared of her - [...] Last time, you freak, I swear to god...! [...] You and me, Ethan. Together we go save Rose, and then we can use her to grind Miranda into paste. [...] F*** you! [...] Last chance. You don't wanna find out what's inside that hole. [...] Your funeral.
~ Karl to Ethan Winters, moments before tossing Ethan into the hole with Sturm.
Miranda thinks we're nothing but children. Oh she doesn't care for us, no. She's long lost all her humanity. I must destroy her...
~ Another instance of Karl talking to Ethan through the factory's speakers.
Soon, she'll start her ceremony with your Rose. If that happens, it's all over. For your kid, and for the whole village. But don't worry, I'll stop it. I'll use Rose to kill Miranda. Haha, poor papa. You're the only one who doesn't see your kid's power.
~ Karl Heisenberg mocking Ethan through the speakers.
You really are a tough one. But I'm tired of chit-chat. Time to die! You can hear it, can't you? Someone's waiting for you.
~ Karl to Ethan before releasing Strum upon him once again.
Not bad, not bad, Winters. You're persistent, but I've got a rebellion to lead... so stay out of my way. [Transforms into a gigantic creature] Don't. Come. Back!
~ Karl getting fed up with Ethan's persistence, transforming into his final form and knocking Ethan down into the lower sections of the factory.
Hahaha, having fun?
~ Karl during the boss fight.
Haha! So this is the power of fatherly love, huh?
~ Karl taunting Ethan during the boss battle.
That one hurt! I promise!
~ Karl taunting Ethan upon being damaged insignificantly.
Cower in the face of my steel glory!
~ Karl intimidating Ethan during the fight.
No, no! My metal army! I'm going to murder that boulder-punching asshole, but you're first.
~ Karl after witnessing his factory being blown up by Chris.
No, no! This can't be the end for me! I... must... kill her!
~ Heisenberg's last words.


  • When Heisenberg mentions Chris Redfield as the "boulder-punching asshole", he is referencing the events of Resident Evil 5 where Chris continuously punches a huge boulder to create a path for Sheva during the fight with Albert Wesker.


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