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Karl the Butcher

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Karl the Butcher is the main villain of the Violent Sh*t films.

He was portrayed by Andreas Schnaas.


At a very young age, Karl Berger was influenced into killing by Satan (who was presumably his own father) himself. Satan commanded him to murder his own mother in cold blood, thus beginning Karl's life as a heartless serial killer.

The First Film

Twenty years later, Karl has spent his life in the wilderness, murdering each and every person he witnesses. Upon each murder he commits, his skin decays to horrifying extremes. Over the course of (presumably) several days, Karl has brutally slaughtered and devoured countless people in the countryside. Eventually, Karl's conscience takes over and he flashes back to the day he was persuaded into murdering his mother. Karl begins to lose his sanity and envisions himself in a church. He soon encounters an apparition of Jesus Christ in the forest, then procedes to carve it open and crawl inside. Slowly dying, Karl manages to slaughter several people in the church, before finally collapsing on ground and giving birth to a deformed, blood-covered child.


Karl "The Butcher" Berger is a large, brutish man in a metal hockey mask and overalls. After every person he kills, he developes sores and scars, which cover his entire body. His weapon of choice is a meat cleaver.



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