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Don't worry, lover. We'll have all of eternity to talk it out, when we reach our final destination, HELL!
~ Karla 9000

Karla 9000 is a recurring villain from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. She is an AI police car, who was initially a hero who worked for Paradise Police Department, before becoming the obsessive and abusive girlfriend of Kevin Crawford.

She is voiced by Grey Griffin.


In the episode "Karla", Karen noticed that Kevin's police car was very crappy and out of shape, which was especially bad for his job. On top of that, Kevin complained that women weren't going out with him because of his car. Wanting to help her son, Karen bought him an AI police car, named Karla 9000, which Kevin was really happy about.

Kevin drove Karla 9000 and found out that she had many abilities, most importantly, she came with speech, making her someone he could have a conversation with. Karla proved to know a lot of information about Kevin, based off of his DNA samples and connection to the internet. The two started to hit it off really quickly and began busting criminals together.

The first criminal they busted was a speeder, who Karla stopped by shooting down the car with her built-in revolver. The criminal turned out to be the innocent old lady, Miss Geraldine, who Kevin pinned against the wrecked car and handcuffed, causing the latter to have a stroke.

After a night of fighting crime, Karla and Kevin sat atop lover's cliff and fell in love. Before long, Kevin started having sex with Karla by fucking her up the tailpipe. A montage showed them both going on dates together. They drank milkshakes, rode a horsedrawn carriage, and went to the repair shop, where Kevin got under her with a funnel over his penis and gave her a rim job, getting oil all over his mouth.

One night, Karla started to show her first signs of being an abusive girlfriend, when she started badgering him because of how he wasn't introducing her to his parents as well as making a schedule of Kevin's day and pestering him as to why he wasn't spending any time with her during certain moments when he was supposed to be free. Karla suspected that Kevin didn't want to introduce her to his mom because she was "black" and Kevin denied this and said that this was the reason why he wasn't telling his dad.

The next day, Karla convinced Kevin to have sex with her, while he was washing her in the garage. During their sex, Karla opened the garage door in the middle of Karen's re-election speech, exposing them to all of the people in Paradise, thereby making their relationship public knowledge. When Karen found out about this, she was initially mad but Anton told her that Kevin's relationship with Karla was only making her go up in the polls, as this was comparable to a progressing interracial couple. After that, Karen gave Kevin and Karla her blessing.

Later that night, Kevin said he felt weird about how everything went down but Karla told him to just get over it and be happy about their togetherness. Kevin said that later, he was going to hang out with Fitz and Karla started to show hostility toward him, getting mad at him for wanting to spend time with someone who wasn't her. Kevin tried to calm her down but she only started crying and freaking out, emotionally manipulating Kevin.

Kevin went to the bar with Fitz and the entire time, Karla flooded Kevin's phone with texts, begging him to return. Fitz told Kevin that Karla was a crazy-ass bitch and that Kevin needed to dump her. Kevin didn't heed Fitz's warning, believing that Karla was a nice person who just needed some time to get herself together.

When Kevin went home later that night, Karla was waiting for him, drunk on oil and she started ranting at Kevin for taking so long to get home, despite the fact that he took a reasonable amount of time to get home. Kevin said he was driving Karla back to the station and Karla furiously accused Kevin of cheating on her with his old car. Kevin denied this and Karla attacked him by blasting her airbag in his face, giving him two black eyes and an indention on his forehead.

The next day, after finding out what happened the night before, Fitz told Kevin that he needed to get Karen to allow them to break up. However, Karen didn't allow it, since Kevin's relationship with Karla was keeping her up in the polls. After Kevin left, Karen worried that she wasn't doing the right thing but Anton assured her that what she was doing was perfectly ethical because Paradise loves spousal abuse.

That night, Kevin drove his old car and Karla found them on the streets and rammed into him from behind, knocking Kevin out of the car and into herself. Karla would lock her inside of her and rant at him for trying to break up with her, claiming to have been spying on his conversation with Karen, through his iPhone. Karla strapped Kevin to the seat and drove off to lover's cliff, saying that she planned on driving over the edge with him, killing them both, so that they could spend all of eternity together in the afterlife.

Karla drove right up to the cliff and they went flying off. Just then, Karla was stopped when Carbortion Wrex caught her in his mouth and saved Kevin's life. Karen was revealed to be operating Carbotion Wrex and said that she didn't care about the polls anymore and needed to save the life of her son. Kevin escaped Karla and Karen used Carbortion Wrex to beat her up. Before long, Carbortion Wrex started controlling himself and Karen needed to escape him. After she and Kevin escaped their vehicles and got to safety, Carbortion Wrex started fucking Karla and the two became a couple. Karla moved on from Kevin and left him alone for Carbortion Wrex.

In "Christmas in Paradise", Karla 9000 made a return cameo, gathering around the Christmas tree lighting with Carbortion Wrex and their half-car half-dinosaur hybrid children.


  • Karla is a possibly a parody on K.A.R.R. from Knight Rider.



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