Karn was a villain turned hero in the Spider-Man franchise and a former member of the Inheritors being the youngest member of his family.


Karn is the youngest member of the Inheritors and the favorite of the mother. He was abused by his father into forcing him into becoming a monster like him.Karn and his family had been hunting down totems specially the Spiders as they are the ones who will be the ones to be their downfall. During the hunt for the Master Weaver Karn with his mother and siblings hunted down the Master Weaver but the mistake caused by Karn had their mother vaporized causing him to wear the helmet out of shame. During the Spider-verse event Karn began to hunt down the Spider-Totems and the first among them were the Suprior Spider-Man aka Doctor Octopus attempting to kill him but was stopped by Brix and Bora who wanted to kill him. During the events it was later revealed that the Master-Weaver is actally Karn himself in a stable time loop and when Octopus killed The Master Weaver Karn realize he was destened to replace him. Karn later betrays the Inheritors and allies himself with the Web-warriors.Karn eventually suceeds as the new master weaver and becoming a member of the web-warriors.Unlike the rest of his family he does not enjoy the hunt but wants to build a new life and atone for his actions.

Karn Later returns in the Spider-Geddon Storyline where he was one of the casulties in the arc his death was caused by Verna.Karn also appeared in the game Spider-Man unlimted as a boss alongside his father Solus and his borthers Morlun,Jennix,and Daemos.

powers and ablitlies

Karn as an Inheritor has superhuman strength,speed,and Stamina. As the Master Weaver he can check into the Spider-Totem and travel to other universes.

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