Kasha are a malevolent yokai from Japanese folklore and mythology, belonging to the neko class of animal spirit - like all neko the Kasha are envisioned as a type of demonic feline but are distinguished from other neko by their ghoul-like activitives.

Kasha are wicked spirits that frequently steal human corpses both as a source of food and also for use in black magic - possessing the corpses or turning them into "puppets" by which to cause more malice to the mortal world.

Kasha are bold for ghouls in that they do not just scavenge the dead but actively steal, the terrible beasts thus commonly stalk funeral services and attack, stealing the corpse and terrorizing those present : once a corpse is captured by a Kasha it is impossible to retrieve, making it difficult for the spirit to pass onto the next life and for this reasons cats were greatly feared in ancient Japan and locals did not allow cats near dead bodies - there were also beliefs that if a cat leapt over a corpse it would return as a zombie due to Kasha magic.

In order to prevent Kasha attacks and theft many chants and rituals were formed over the years, including cymbals played by priests or even false ceremonies where priests would trick Kasha by carrying a bag full of rocks, which the demon would snatch and allow the priests sufficient time by which to perform a second and proper ceremony for the deceased.

While generally wicked creatures some Kasha are said to be messengers of Hell who are tasked with snatching the corpses of wicked people so as to quite literally drag them to said Hell for punishment.

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