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Katana Man: Denji, you killed their pals and my gramps. We want compensation for that.
Denji: I only killed them because they were zombies.
Katana Man: Don't lie! Tch, dumbasses with no schooling always fall back on lies! Well whatever. Even if that were true, zombies used to be humans. Did you not feel anything when you killed them?
Denji: Nope, nothing.
Katana Man: Heh, Sawatari has done a lot of things to me. Apparently my heart is the Katana Devil now even. But even I had trouble sleeping when I killed a zombie. You're the only one whose heart isn't human anymore. If you got any human conscience lect, then just lay back and let us kill you.
Denji: Hmmm... Don't wanna.
Katana Man: I see... Then I'll just cut you till you die!
~ Katana Man, explaining his motivation and human conscience towards Denji.

Katana Man is the minor antagonist from Chainsaw Man and is the main antagonist of the Katana Man arc alongside his accomplice, Akane Sawatari. Essentially the grandson of the Yakuza boss that Denji had killed in the first chapter, Katana Man holds a very personal grudge towards Denji and does his best to take him down, even by merging with a Katana Devil to make himself more powerful. He is also one of the assassins that followed the Gun Devil in order to retrieve Denji's heart.


In his human form, Katana Man appears as a tall guy who has a short black hair with sideburns and also wears a black leather coat to show his intimidating figure. Once he transforms into the titular Katana Man, he becomes an eyeless dark skinned demon with pointy chin and enormous jaws without any lips and a black hat with a knife protruding from his own forehead, shaping it like a military hat. In addition, he also has several swords protruding from his own hands.


If granddad were here, he'd never stand for running away. Plus that damn Denji is in Division 4. Next time, I'll rip out his heart!
~ Katana Man showing his determination to kill Denji.

The Katana Man is defined with his love for his family, evidenced by the fact that he held a personal grudge against Denji because he killed his own grandfather. However, he is still an evil man willingly to kill innocents and even sacrificing his own men just to reach his objective goal. He even shows a disdain towards people who didn't pay their debts to the point he let his grandfather turn them into zombie to be used for the battle while also showing an apathy about his grandfather murdering women and children due to him perceiving his grandfather was a good man. Despite this, The Katana Man still have a moral conscience in his heart, even at one point he says that he had a hard time sleeping after killing a Zombie and also tries his best to avenge his own subordinates friends as a result. He can also be described as a brave person as he prefers not to run away from battle because of his grandfather's moral code.


Katana Man makes his first appearance in Chapter 23 where he eats in the same Ramen Shop that Denji and his companions went to. Seeing his enemy, Denji, he suddenly began to lose his appetite as he reminisce about his late grandfather who was nice to him in the past and even spoiling him by giving him what he wants while saying that he was a true Tokyo-ite who was respected and feared at the same time due to him being a good man despite killing a handful of woman and children.

Revealing that his grandfather is the Yakuza that Denji had killed, the Katana Man then shoots Denji through his head and reveals his intentions by obtaining his heart under Gun Devil's orders. As one of Denji's companions, Aki, summoned his Fox Devil to stop the fight, he accidentally destroyed the building which resulted on one of his companions, Himeno, wounded from the rubble. However, Katana Man then transforms into his devil form and manages to brutally slices Kon and then continues to fight against Aki.

Seemingly defeated by Aki due to the curse devil he sics towards the Katana Man, his accomplice, Akane Sawatari, then shows up and heals him which results in him easily curbstomps Aki in a fight which causes him heavily wounded. When Himeno attempts to help Aki despite her wounds with her ghost devil, the Katana Man and Akane manage to overpower Himeno and her ghost devil which causes Himeno's body to vanish as she uses her last bits of her power to revive the unconscious Denji. After Denji was revived, the Katana Man prepares to fight against him only to be reminded by Akane to not hurt his heart.

During the fight, Denji then took one of Katana Man's accomplices as a hostage in order to prevent himself being killed which angered him a bit and successfully knocks Denji unconscious by slicing his body in half. As he orders his accomplices to bring Denji's unconscious body into the car, all of his accomplices were suddenly brutally murdered by Makima with her seemingly telepathic ability much to his shock as he thought that Makima was dead at first after having his men killing her and the rest of the Devil Hunters. In the end, Denji was saved by another devil hunter, Kobeni, who went into the scene as both Akane and the Katana Man attempted to stop her to no avail as Kobeni sliced Katana Man's right arm and shot him twice which causes them to forcefully retreat for the time being. After the fight, it was revealed that Kon refused to serve Aki ever again due to the bad things that happened during the fight.

During their preparation to fight against the Devil Hunters, one of Katana Man accomplices suggest Katana Man being escorted to his villa to which Akane rebuffs his attempt due to how extremely powerful Makima is. However, Katana Man decides not to run away because of his grandfather's courageous traits and Denji being in Division 4 alongside the other Devil Hunters as he still hold his own grudge. In addition, both Katana Man and Akane attempted to prepare an oncoming onslaught by the Devil Hunters with his grandfather's parting gift: A large zombie army considered of people who were unable to pay his grandfather's debts.

During the small scale raid on Katana Man's headquarters, Denji then encounters Katana Man again as the latter had a small talk with Denji about his motivations to kill Denji because he killed both of his grandfather and his accomplice's friends and human conscience that Denji's had while asking him to lay back so that he and his accomplices will kill him. When Denji refuses to do what the Katana Man had said, the latter then decides to kill him mercilessly.

During their fight, both Denji and Katana Man landed on a train full of civilians which causes them to be evacuated for safety. Seeing another civilian who didn't escape yet, Denji decides to protect her until Katana Man performs a dangerous move to cut Denji's hand which nearly killed the civilian and caused her to run away as Denji find the move tad too excessive. Despite his hands being cut off and Katana Man asks Denji for forgiveness, Denji claims he still fight which angers Katana Man and ended up aiming at Denji again to kill him. However, Katana Man ends up accidentally slicing his body in half after his body was struck by Denji's head.

Despite having his body sliced in half during the fight, it was revealed that the Katana Man is still alive, recovering in his human form. It was revealed that Denji also wants to seek vengeance with Katana Man after the stunt that he and Akane pulled which killed Himeno and as a result, Denji decides to inflict a humiliating punishment towards him: Attempting to kick his balls and make it a competition in which the person who made Katana Man scream loudest wins. Initially, Aki, who came into the scene refused to join Denji's stupid competition due to needing Katana Man for interrogation. However, seeing that he was given Himeno's cigar during his fight against Akane, Aki decides to change his mind and decides to participate with Denji to give Katana Man the humiliating punishment.

After escaping from his custody due to the fight that he had with Chainsaw Man which involves several innocents during the crossfire, he then returned in Chapter 86 alongside the revived Reze and Quanxi as both three of them were brainwashed by Makima in order to defeat the Chainsaw Man while also becoming a former shell of himself as Makima manipulated his mind under the pretense that Makima has saved him over and over again from trouble in order to make him easily subservient towards her.

In Chapter 87, as Katana Man changed into his hybrid form to defeat the Chainsaw Man alongside Makima's other brainwashed pawns, he was then thrown into other building alongside Quanxi during the fight. As Katana Man attempts to injure Chainsaw Man, it was all for naught as it was revealed that Katana Man was decapitated by Chainsaw Man at the end of the day as Makima calmly muses that the fight won't be winnable in the end.