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Villain Overview

My name is Katarina Claes and I am the daughter of a Duke. After an incident where I hit my head, I recovered memories from another life. I realized that this world is the same as the Otome Game "Fortune Lover" that I played in my previous life. Furthermore, in that game I was the rival character that bullied the heroine and got in the way of her relationship with the captured targets. My fate seems to be either exile or to be killed by one of the capture targets!
~ Katarina Claes' reincarnated version's introduction.
The time has finally come. Here at this Magic Academy, is where the game begins... and where I, Katarina Claes, meet my doom. But... I won't let that happen. Bring it on if you dare, death flag. I will take you on!
~ Katarina Claes's anime debut.
Aristocrat society is such a pain.
~ Katarina Claes

Katarina Claes (in Japanese: カタリナ・クラエス, Katarina Claes), also known as Lady Claes and Bakarina is the main "villainous" protagonist of the webnovel, light novel, manga and anime series I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags. While not presented as a villain herself, Katarina Claes is actually the main antagonist character of a fictional game called Fortune Lover in the world of the series and is the romantic rival of the heroine Maria Campbell, the character the player of the game play with.

Katarina Claes was born as the Duchess of Claes Family and was a high-royalty authority in the Kingdom of Sorcier. Spoiled, arrogant, narcissistic and sadistic, Katarina is the enemy of Maria Campbell and is represented as a vicious woman capable of torture and murder to get what she wants... that is until a dense and goofy teenager girl from the real world lost her life in an accident and reincarnated as Katarina Claes in the world of Fortune Lover and does her best to avoid her villainous fate, including the same fate the original villainous Katarina Claes suffered in the game.

In the 2020 anime adaptation, she is voiced by Maaya Uchida in Japanese (whom also voiced Kaguya Ray Peram Westcott as the female version of Isaac Ray Peram Westcott in Danmachi: Memoria Freese - Date A Live Crossover and Frenda Seivelun in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), and Jeannie Tirado in Englis.

Fortune Lover's Lore

Catarina was a selfish, spoiled princess type. Because Prince Gerald injured her during childhood, they had gotten engaged. Because of this scar, she considered the prince to be hers, and bound him to her. In addition, she didn’t think highly of suddenly getting a stepbrother, and often bullied him.

Lady of the Claes House, Prince Gerald became engaged to her when they were very young. He had to take responsibility for the scar left on her face after an accident.


Katarina is considered to be a beautiful woman of normal standards, with nothing much different or outstanding compared to other noble women. Even so, Katarina is unarguably a beautiful woman with pale skin. She looks to be in her 20s despite having only 15-16 years old at the time she joined the Magic School. She has long brown hair usually tied back with a ribbon of sorts and aqua eyes.

When she was younger, she had a scar with the format of a "X" on her forehead thanks to her accident when she walking with Prince Gerald but it eventually disappeared over the years.

Like most nobles, she wears a formal duchess dress but can also be seen wearing a low and cheap farmer outfit that embarrass her friends, maids, and even her own parents.



Katarina Claes from the original Fortune Lover was a scumbag of the worst class. Born in a noble family, she was spoiled and grew a big ego that transformed her into a greedy, aggressive, narcissistic and spoiled person who saw everyone next to her as inferior or potential allies to be used and discarded in her schemes.

Katarina's evil grin.

Katarina was shown to be something of a perfectionist, expected nothing less from her plans and subordinates as any failure in her eyes will be met with extreme punishment. Even more, she has absolutely no qualms with manipulating her own fellow "friends", no matter how loyal they were to her and used them as "shields" to protect her from the school's rules.

She also reacts violently to criticism or if her plans either fail or if her pride is abashed by the mere existence of Maria. At her core, Katarina relishes glory, dominance and control, as she shows in her enjoyment of Maria's breakdown and suffering of being harassed and bullied, as well as her maniacal glee from seeing her foes losing. She is noted for being a sadistic, callous, selfish, short-tempered, despicable and egomaniac person who loved being the center of attention of the school despite her inferior magic skills compared to Maria (whose had Light Magic and was a commoner, two rare combinations) that were nothing outstanding. Even more, she has an outspoken disdain for such joyful environments. Due to these combining traits, Katarina was more of a malignant bully-narcissist rather than just a sociopath.

Katarina also holds a very deeply cynical view of others, believing everyone is as selfish and untrustworthy as herself, including her own fiancée. Ironically, Katarina is outspoken against any and all forms of nobility, finding it such a nauseating concept.


Katarina's new personality in a nutshell.

Once the unnamed-protagonist reincarnated as Katarina following the events of her death, Katarina's previous villainous personality disappeared completely. Instead of only getting a scar after her accident that left her with a scar on her forehead, the new Katarina remembered the memories of her past life and had an incredible change of heart. Instead of being a malicious, narcissistic, spoiled and an "annoying" person, the new Katarina was more naive, idiotic, and somewhat dense to the point that she could not even understand the most simple things around her such as other people's emotions, expressions and words.

She is well-noted for her love of any sweets, mostly homemade sweets, which goes against her noble standards and can be comical at times. Unlike the original Katarina, the new Katarina understands her low position as being less skilled in magic compared to her friends and spends much of her day training her magic skills and working on her fields in the hopes of becoming a successful farmer in case she is exiled like the original Katarina was in the game's Good End. While not arrogant in her abilities, Katarina has a tendency to be too relaxed and recklessly uses her magic against people who irritate her. Despite being "arrogant" of some sorts, she is at heart a pacifist and tries to avoid conflict with other people by forming bonds with them.

Katarina does her best to think in the best options possible, it turns out she always chooses the worst possible options when she decides to use her intelligence for once.

Because of how naive she is, the new Katarina is pure of heart, possessing no negative feelings or thoughts besides fear and despair for her life in case the events of the new world turns out to follow the game's Good or Bad End. He is highly loyal to her friends and family, even willing to put herself in danger to save others, something that immediately brought her the attention and affection of her friends, whom most of them, including her female friends, were in love with her, but she was too dense and idiot to notice their feelings and instead, tried to force them into relationships with other people they were not interested in the hopes they could get together and help avoid her death flags. At ons instance, she asked Keith if he had lewd thoughts when he saw Maria and encouraged him to "do it" with her when he got the chance, showing that she may not be so "pure" after all.

She has a very practical, childish and carefree view of life and her goals are very simple; she only seeks a peaceful life as the "villain" of that world. She has no interest in luxury or high-ranking positions unlike her previous version, though the latter was mainly due to her childishness and morality making her unsuitable for it. At the same time, she shows such unwavering will and tenacity to succeed, always determined to never give up against any adversity.


Fortune Lover Routes

Katarina Claes was born as the daughter of Duke Ades Claes and the Duchess Miri Diana Claes at the Capital of the Kingdom of Sorcier. Due to her fancy and luxurious life style, she grew up as a spoiled, haughty and arrogant girl who was known by her maids as a short-tempered kid who would fire her subordinates for the slightest mistakes, even blaming her maids for her own mistakes. One day, she met the Prince Geordo Stuart and immediately fell in love with him thanks to his handsome appearance. However, during their walk, she fell to the ground and got a scar on her forehead. The prince accepted his guilty for not saving her and took responsibility for his mistake and would accept a marriage with her in the future.

8 years later, Katarina joined Magic School at the age of 15 years old to train her Earth abilities. However, she met a girl called Maria Campbell, who is in fact the main heroine of the game the player plays as. Maria was more beautiful, had a unique and rare magic ability of controlling light and was born as a commoner in a small border town far away from the capital. Her beauty brought the attention of the game capture targets, including Prince Geordo who fell in love with her, causing Katarina to envy Maria in every sense. Katarina would then use her resources and connections to bully Maria with actions that bordered on crime, including trying to torture her with fire for 'trying' to steal her property [Prince Geordo]. In other routes, Katarina would try to expose Maria to extreme humilitiation but was always defeated. At one point, while Maria was having her lunch, Katarina tried to burn her with fire magic out of spite but she was saved by Gerald, who defeated her henchmen and scared away the vicious aristocrat.

In the good end of the game, Katarina's actions are exposed by other students of the school, which resulted in her being stripped of her rank and being exiled outside of the country, with this, now the heroine can be engaged with the capture target. In the bad ending, Katarina had enough of Maria and tries to murder her with a knife only to be murdered by the capture target with either a sword or magic. However, due to her death, the capture target breaks with Maria and leave the academy to go on a journey to pay for their sins.

If Katarina is exiled in the Good Ending route, she is set to return in the Fortune Lover 2, even more vile and cruel than before to get her revenge on everyone who opposed her.


In her previous life, the unnamed female protagonist was a highschool girl who was born into the house of a Japanese family consisting of two parents and 2 two older brothers. At young age, she became an otaku after playing too many otome games. She was also already known by her family as a "monkey" for climbing trees and had fear of dogs that tried to bite her. She was usually scolded by her teachers because she would regularly forget her homework or arrive late at the school. Because of this, she would always ask for help from A-chan, her only and best friend she ever had since the two shared the same hobbies and interests.

Katarina remembering her lost memories.

One certain night, she spent her entire time awaken playing games and was running late for school so she rushed out into the street where she was ran over and lost her life. With her life being connected to Fortune Lover's, her soul was transferred into the game where she was reborn as the antagonist of the game, Katarina Claes. Much like the original Katarina, she followed the steps of being a mean, spoiled and aggressive lady who abused her subordinates and looked down in most people except for her father and mother, whom she loved dearly. One day, she was visited by her future fiancée, the Prince Geordo Stuart, impressed by his handsomeness, Katarina fell in love and went to walk with him only to accidentally fall to the ground hit her head against the ground, the force of the impact forced her to remember all memories of her previous life.

Katarina in one of her long study sections.

On her bed, she slowly remembered about a game with a similar situation and immediately remembered that she was the villain Katarina of said game, as well as the name of the characters who showed up until now. As days passed by, she studied that world and tried to link it to Fortune Lover, and much to her surprise, everything was similar to the game she played in her previous life, confirming the fact she died and was sent to another world. Such realization also revealed that she was going to meet the same fate of her original counterpart if nothing changed. Desiring to change her destiny, Katarina started to work as a farmer, train her magic skills and swordmanship to make sure she would live peacefully in distant country in case if she is exiled just like in the original Good Ending.


Come now, I've made it easier to eat for a lowly commoner like you! Eat up!
~ Katarina Claes bullying Maria.
Such thing isn't a big deal at all. If you're to follow me, you must always hold your head high with pride!
~ Katarina recruiting Sienna.

Power and Abilities

  • Earth Magic: Earth Magic is not a special power like Dark or Light magic in Fortune Lover world but is extremely powerful against enemies on ground battle. Using earth magic grants Katarina a powerful advantage against enemies standing on earth or rock grounds. However, Katarina is not a skilled magician and has no talent for magic, much less for earth magic that seems to be her specialty. In 8 years of training, the only thing Katarina can do with earth magic is change the format of the ground about 15 centimeters to knock down her enemies.
  • Fortune Lover knowledge: As a NEET and gamer girl from the real world, she spent most of her days playing otome games. Such closed lifestyle granted her the knowledge of a vast amount of information about the world of FL, including its setting, people, nations, history, culture and her own family. However, she was shown to not be aware of things that happen outside of the game's screen or were not mentioned in the lore as the game limit itself to focus only in the romance adventures of the lead heroine with her love interests.
  • Dark Magic: Katarina is able to use dark magic later in the series. According to Pochy, users of dark magic are fated to succumb to illnesses and have their life forces drained at some point during their lifetime, but for some reason Catarina remains immune.


  • In different translations, her name can be either written as "Katarina" or "Catarina".
  • For being too dense, Katarina had already avoided all death flags without even knowing it. By making the capture targets fall in love with her, she had already avoided her death or exile even before she joined the Magic School, but even so, Katarina continues to be paranoid about her Bad Endings.
  • In Fortune Lover, Katarina was the only main antagonist of the game to the player, however, since the new Katarina is no longer a villain, the true main villain of the story is revealed to be Sirius Deek, the president of the Student Council. It's unknown if Sirius had any connection in other routes in Fortune Lover besides the villain Katarina.
  • Due to her lack of intellect, some fans take to calling Katarina the nickname of "Bakarina" to symbolize this.

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