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Katashi Ito is a minor antagonist in the Hitman level "Situs Inversus".


The head morgue doctor at the GAMA private hospital, Ito at first seems like an eccentric but harmless man. However, he runs an organ trafficking operation. He received a "right-sided heart" from a Brazilian guttersnipe, but is reluctant to transfer into Soders, seeing it as as a waste to put it in an elderly man, and hopes to retrieve it after his death.

He had a neurochip implanted in his brain. Should 47 gain control of the chip, he will be able to send a burst of euphoria into Ito's mind, prompting him to dismiss the guards who are guarding the right-sided heart so that he could admire his "babies" (the organs inside the fridge). To gain access to the heart to destroy it, 47 can knock Ito out, or he could alter his mood and send him into a depression. Ito will then move a balcony and commit suicide by throwing himself to his death, unless 47 alters his mood again.

Ito had captured Interpol agent Carlton Smith, who was investigating him for organ trafficking, and imprisoned him in a freezer, planning to kill him and harvest his organs. By accessing a card on Akira Nakamura's desk or using a disposable scrambler, 47 will be able to free Smith, who will thank him with an all-access keycard.


Despite being an organ trafficker, Ito is a surprisingly personable and friendly man, even encouraging his assistant to take up a full-time job at GAMA. He is still a ruthless criminal willing to kill to cover up his crimes. He is a daring man willing to experiment on himself.


  • As Agent Smith does not make an actual appearance in any of the later story missions, it is likely that 47 failed to find and save him and Ito killed Smith and harvested his organs.
  • Whether Director Akira Nakamura is aware of Ito's organ trafficking or not is unknown, although the keycard points to his guilt.