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Kate Persky is a recurring character in Grojband. She is a creepy obsessed stalker who constantly pesters Corey and his band. She and her sidekick Allie have the ability to do whatever she wants.

Villainous Acts

Dance of the Dead

Kate and Allie viciously bit on Corey's leg and chewed and drooled on it.

Indie Road Rager

Kate and Allie snuck into Trina's room and stole Mr. Mooseface.

The Bandidate

Kate and Allie started up a propaganda against Trina when she became the mayor of Peaceville. During Grojband's song, Kate and Allie joined a riot against her and started pelting her and Mina with trash to run them out of the city.

Group Hug

Kate and Allie kidnapped Corey and handcuffed him in her closet and held him captive. She then kidnapped the rest of the band and never let them free.


Kate is a short brunette with her hair in a bun and glasses. Her skin has many freckles and her shirt is black and has white fire on it which matches the shirt that Konnie Kagami wears.


Kate is a creepy obsessive stalker fan girl. She is madly in love with Grojband (especially Corey) to the point where she is willing to go out of her way, to work her fingers to the bone and even painfully hurt herself to help out Grojband. She is very loyal to the band and she cares about them more than she cares about herself.


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