Are you telling me you can make more like him?
~ Sparr interrogating Sterns about Banner.

Kathleen Sparr is a major antagonist in the 2008 Marvel film The Incredible Hulk. She is an U.S. Army Major of the Strategic Operations Command Center who served as General Thunderbolt Ross's right hand in the pursuit of Bruce Banner following the latter's transformation into the Hulk.

She was portrayed by Christina Cabot.


Hunting Down the Hulk

Sparr was among the army officers who were in charge of the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project, which backfired horribly that resulted Bruce Banner into becoming the Hulk. Intending to use the Hulk as a weapon, General Ross intends to track Banner down, and Sparr aids him in doing so, forcing Banner to hide away in Brazil for five years. Eventually, Sparr was able to learn that Banner's blood contaminated a soda that was drank by an elderly man in Milwaukee. She then head over to the Pentagon to inform Ross, who sends in his troops (led by Emil Blonsky) to Brazil to capture Banner, though the latter escapes once again.

Sparr later accompanied Ross and their unit to Culver University, where she commandeered a battle truck to fight against the Hulk, though the Hulk escapes after saving Ross' daughter Betty from an explosion caused by a helicopter crash. Sparr would later use S.H.I.E.L.D.'s computer systems to finally track down Banner's current location in New York City, where he's communicating with a scientist named Samuel Sterns at Grayburn College about providing an antidote to his mutation. Despite being in league with Ross, Sparr finds herself to be at odds with Blonsky due to his desire of acquiring the Hulk's power, even furiously warning Blonsky that engaging against the Hulk in a city full of millions of people would be disastrous.


Though Sparr and the unit were able to capture Banner at Grayburn College, they soon realize too late that his mutation is seemingly cured due to an antidote created by Sterns, much to Ross' anger. As Banner is taken into custody along with Betty, Ross orders Sparr to remain in the college and interrogate Sterns about the latter's intentions.

As Sparr interrogate Sterns for his actions, Sterns confessed that he was trying to help Banner find a cure for his mutation (since the project incident was an accident) and that he already synthesized Banner's blood for his research. Though Sparr was about to accept Sterns' statement, Blonsky kills Sparr by stabbing her in the back before forcing Sterns to inject him with Banner's blood, effectively becoming the monster known as Abomination.

Eventually, Banner was able to turn back into the Hulk to defeat the Abomination, who ends up being arrested and imprisoned by Ross as punishment for his crimes.


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Kathleen Sparr



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