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Villain Overview

I'd say it's a pleasure to meet you, but that would be a lie.
~ Katie Killjoy introducing herself.
I'm too rich and too influential to give a flying f-ck about what some tux-wearing princess wants to advertise. So don't get cute with me honey, or I will f-cking bury you!
~ Katie threatening Charlie.

Katie Killjoy is a major antagonist in the adult web series Hazbin Hotel. She is the head anchor of 666 News and Hell's premiere news station. She constantly makes fun of Charlie's plan of redeeming sinners. She serves as the secondary antagonist in the pilot episode That's Entertainment.

She is voiced by Faye Mata who also voiced Yukako Yamagishi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Aqua in Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!, Ryuko in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Priscilla Barielle and Frederica Baumann in Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, Rin Hoshizora in Love Live! School Idol Project and Malty S. Melromarc in The Rising of the Shield Hero.


Katie Killjoy is a very tall and slim demon. She has short blonde hair, purely white skin, red eyes, yellow pupils, and a long neck. She wears a pink dress and a pearl necklace. In her full demon form, she has an extra pair of eyes and has two extra of arms the resemble a praying mantis.



Katie Killjoy once was a human in the living world. When she died in 1992, She was reborn as a demon in Hell and later became the head anchor of News 666.

Hazbin Hotel

Katie first appears, along with her co-anchor, Tom Trench, reporting on the turf war between Sir Pentious and Cherri Bomb. She dumps boiling hot coffee on Tom's crotch after he makes a perverted comment on Cherri Bomb and tells him to suck it up. During the commercial break, as Charlie approaches her, Katie makes it clear that she did not want Charlie on the show and she's only there because another segment got cancelled.

The interview begins and Charlie explains that to fight overpopulation, she is opening a hotel to redeem guests to have them sent to Heaven. When the crowd is unimpressed, she bursts into song, which is mocked by everyone except Vaggie. As Katie taunts her for having faith in demons, Charlie retorts that Angel Dust, her only patron, has gone clean for two weeks. This is immediately interrupted by a report on the ongoing turf war between Cherri and Sir Pentious, stating that Angel has now joined the fray, much to Charlie's dismay. After Katie asks her how does it feel to be such a failure, Charlie, in an attempt to get back at her, steals her pen and calls her a bitch, revealling her true color to her, which make Katie mad, starting a fight between them.

along with Cherri and Tom, Katie was never seen again in the pilot after this.

Helluva Boss

Katie makes a cameo in the Helluva Boss pilot where she is seen on a billboard behind an Ohio Demon hired I.M.P to kill his wife.


Katie is a ruthless and cold-hearted head anchor of News 666. She is very cocky, as she believes that she can talk down to the princess of Hell because of how rich she is. She is an extremely arrogant news anchor who cares mostly about her image, the hottest stories, as well as the latest gossip. She doesn't like being called a bitch as when she attempted to murder Charlie for calling her one. She has the tendency of abusing her coworker Tom Trench and gets irritated whenever he mentions any sexual nature. She sees Charlie's plan of redeeming sinners as idiotic and impossible and jokes and ridicules her for such an idea. She is also shown to not have respect towards Charlie despite being the princess of Hell and the Devil's literal daughter and has even threatened to bury her.

She also had no fears about physically attacking Charlie despite her royal status but due to the fact that they are both in Hell it is likely very common for demons to disrespect the hierarchy unless it suits them (this is evident in the constant power-struggles and turf-wars between demons for control of Hell, showing the realm is largely ruled by whoever is the most destructive and/or cunning). She is also shown to be homophobic and considers touching gays beneath her.


You can put that away, I don't touch the gays. I have standards.
~ Katie Killjoy rejecting Charlie's handshake
All that and more after the break! Suck it up, you little b-tch!
~ Katie Killjoy after dumping coffee on Tom
Tell us, how does it feel to be such a total failure?
~ Katie Killjoy to Charlie; Katie's last word


  • Her joints have the tendency to make a crackly noise whenever she moves her body. This could mean that she died by hanging herself.
  • Katie's true appearance is that of a monstrous fusion between her "human" form and a spider, much like a classical Drider of fantasy lore.
  • Katie Killjoy is the second character in Hazbin Hotel to reveal her full demon form. The first character being Charlie and the third being Alastor.
  • Despite her refusal to touch gays, she is seen touching Charlie's breasts multiple times.
  • She is currently the only homophobic character in both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss.
  • She is named after news reporter Katie Couric.

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