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Katrina de Leon-Salvador is a main antagonist in 2019 Philippine TV series of Nang Ngumiti ang Langit.

She was portrayed by Cristine Reyes who also played few antagonist roles ever since the year 2005. So far, her portrayal of Katrina is her biggest break.

Katrina is has dreams of her own and is determined to fulfill it. In love with Michael Villaluna (RK Bagatsing), she is equally hopeful that marrying him will make her financially secure. 

The catastrophic structural collapse of the Salvador building and subsequent assassination of Gabriel Salvador changes everything when Michael's father, David Villaluna, is blamed for both disasters. Michael confronts his father and demands that they owe up to the structural collapse but his father refuses. Michael, not wanting to be part of his father's unethical practices, voices out his plans to leave the family firm since he has long wanted to venture out on his own. Katrina is adamant he remain, and they quarrel, leading Michael to realize the stark differences in their respective values. He breaks up with her.

Angry, Katrina goes after Eric Salvador and marries him soon after she tells him she is pregnant. Divina, who suspects Katrina does not really love Eric, makes her sign a Prenuptial agreement.

Their marriage is short-lived, with nothing much said if it was a happy one. They have two daughters, Amber and Britney. She is pregnant with Britney when Eric is shot by Michael and dies.

Katrina is the main reason why Divina kicks out Ella from the mansion. Ella’s banishment leads to Eric’s discovery of his mother’s illegal marriage and it is why Eric drives out to set things right for Ella.

Katrina soon learns that her inheritance from Eric is not as she expects. Divina does not trust Katrina and makes sure all of Eric’s rightful assets are not in his name. Therefore, Katrina’s conjugal share is significantly diminished. She is forced to live under the grace and favor of her mother in law.