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Katy Lewis is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British BBC soap opera EastEnders. She appeared as a major antagonist from November 2020 to May 2021.

In her storyline, Katy initially appeared to be an acquaintance of established character Mick Carter who was formerly the foster caretaker of both him and his aunt Tina Carter. However, it is soon revealed that Katy had sexually abused Mick ever since he was 12 years old;, thereafter she became pregnant and gave birth to Mick's long-lost daughter, Frankie Lewis. Eventually, though, Mick reported Katy to the police for what she did to him, Katy was jailed for pedophilia and sentenced to ten years in prison for her crimes.

The character was portrayed by actress Simone Lahbib.


Katy Lewis first came to Albert Square at Walford, a fictional borough in East London, from November 2020. It quickly transpired that she is the mother of Frankie Lewis, a newly-arrived resident whose father later turns out to be local publican Mick Carter. As time goes on, it becomes clear from their encounters that Mick and Katy are somewhat acquainted with each other in a more personal way than just being Frankie's parents. Soon enough, Frankie learns that Katy used to work in a care home and also finds out that Mick had suffered a traumatic ordeal of sexual abuse and child molestation ever since he was 12 years old when living in the same care home.

On New Year's Eve 2020, however, Mick finally learns the truth about his ordeal, and that Katy, his old foster caretaker, was the one who sexually abused and raped him when he was 12 years old and that her actions were the result of Frankie's birth. Mick's suspicions were aroused ever since he realized that Katy used to foster both him and his aunt, Tina, when they were young under her care. Mick's discovery of this comes just as his wife, Linda, is having an affair with local lothario Max Branning. Later on when Linda reveals his affair to Mick and confronts him for his lack of reaction, Mick finally tells her the truth about his ordeal. Linda thereupon assures Mick that he is not to blame, as Katy had abused her job as his foster caretaker and was also a pedophile who sexually abused him when he was 12 years old.

Soon enough by 2021, Frankie learns the truth and confronts her mother. Katy attempts to deny it by claiming that her care manager, Clive, made a pass at her and she rejected him. But Frankie finds out that Katy is lying when it transpires that Mick wasn't the only victim whom her mother had sexually abused; she and Linda meet a man called Jed, who they later discover had been raped by Katy when she was 13 and that she gave birth to their son Harry, thereby meaning that Frankie has a brother. It soon becomes clear that there were many other young boys besides Mick and Jed who were sexually abused by Katy in foster care, as Mick's old enemy, Stuart Highway, is implied to have been abused by Katy in foster care as well.

When Mick finds out about this, he decides to go to the police. But as he does this, Linda reveals to his mother Shirley about the truth behind Mick's ordeal and Katy's true nature. This causes Shirley to confront Kathy and attack her in revenge for Mick's ordeal, which is witnessed by Shirley's ex-fiancé Phil Mitchell and his son Ben not long after the pair were due to do a criminal job with Shirley. Moments later, the police arrive and take Katy in for questioning about the allegations. Katy denies them, but is later charged for her crimes.

On the day of her trial, Katy pleads guilty and hopes to reconcile with Frankie; she seemingly refuses but agrees to deliver a positive character statement. Nonetheless, Kathy is sentenced to ten years of imprisonment and will also be placed on sex offenders register indefinitely. As she gets taken down, Katy apologizes to Mick and he says nothing whilst watching the woman who abused and raped him as a child get jailed for the trauma she put him through; Katy thereafter gets jailed for her crimes.


  • She made a total of 18 appearences during her time on the show.