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Katya is the secondary antagonist of the 1995 action movie Die Hard with a Vengeance. She is a mute Bulgarian terrorist and Simon Gruber's girlfriend and second-in-command as well as Mathias Targo's partner who helped Simon steal $140 billion in gold bricks from the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

She was portrayed by Sam Phillips in her only villainous role.


Early life

Before working with Simon, Katya was Targo's partner, shown in a photo. People believed she was killed in an Israeli assassination attempt intended for Targo killed her, but her death was never confirmed.

Federal Reserve Heist

Katya arrives through the subway station and drilled a hole through a wall of a gold storage room. She then entered the room and walked to the security room, where she slit the throat of a guard distracted by Simon and the other terrorists. They then take the gold to Simon's freighter in dump trucks.

On Simon's ship, Targo soon discovers that the containers set to explode were filled with scrap metal rather than the gold bricks and informs Katya of Simon's betrayal. However, Katya shows her loyalty to Simon and shoots Targo dead.

Confrontation with McClane and Death

Later that night, Simon and Katya prepare to engage in violent sex, but are interrupted by McClane and Zeus, infuriating Katya. Simon and Katya board a helicopter and chase after McClane and Zeus.

Simon manages to damage McClane's helicopter and force it to land. Acting on Simon's orders, Katya flies lower down while Simon shoots at McClane. However, McClane manages to shoot a transformer causing a live wire to fall into the helicopter's blades, resulting in the helicopter crashing, killing both Simon and Katya.

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